Ooooohmygod Ludacris and beer and chicken and Hartsfield-Jackson

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Apologies! No time to come up with a clever headline, I am going stream of conscious on you people because you need this NOW. No, you needed to know five minutes ago, but I’ve failed you. Do you like beer? Yeah? Chicken? Yes? Ludacris? Of course! Flying? … …No? You have a debilitating, chronic fear of heights?! SUCKS FOR YOU! Because Atlanta’s favorite son is opening a restaurant in Atlanta’s favorite airport. Sorry, Dekalb Peachtree! Your biplanes are cute, but I ain’t talkin’ about you. Concourse D (as in Delta) of Hartfield-Jackson is going to be home to a restaurant named after one of Luda’s durtiest, Southiest, Ludiest albums to date. Ludacris announced via Twitter on January 3rd at 10 p.m. EST that he will be “…taking my restauranteur footprint into the busiest airport in the WORLD! Hartsfield-Jackson ATL international! Chicken & Beer coming soon!” There are unfortunately few details… Read More »

Beer Ads Are Lying To You

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Do not be alarmed. They are still based mostly in truth. Beer will surround you with babes. It will make everything more fun. And, of course, it will make you look like a male model (the cool ones that high-five and watch football, not the condescending ones that make you feel bad for not knowing the difference between a cardigan and a pants). But according to new research conducted by Australians (if you’re imagining a kangaroo in a lab coat, you aren’t alone), for a certain beer niche, there is a much more serious discrepancy between advertisement and reality. Low-gluten and gluten-free beers are alternatives created to accommodate the needs of those with celiac disease and other gluten intolerances. According to this study, gluten-free beers pose no problem to those afflicted, but beers advertised simply as low-gluten “may still contain symptom-inducing levels of gluten”. The science behind all this involves words like “hordein” (if you’re… Read More »

Excellent Question!

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I’m going to be honest. This isn’t perfect. It’s not the catch-all, fool-proof answer to all of your bar-hopping problems that I wish it was. But it’s kinda f**kin’ funny and I am an extremely insecure blogger, and to think that you might get your drinking news elsewhere makes me want to storm into your room, pour my beer on your keyboard, and go on a rant about floozies and urls (and hopefully make a dome/domain quip if I’m witty enough). So all that considered, let me tell you where the f**k you should go for drinks. “WHERE THE F**K SHOULD I GO FOR DRINKS” is a new website that asks you to simply provide information on “where the f**k you are” and, in turn, it pops out a random bar in your vicinity along with a map guiding you to the locale. Do you hate the place they’ve suggested?… Read More »

Boxing Day – an excuse to keep drinking

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So, Christmas is over. The glut of presents and Christmas dinner is now nothing more than a sad pile of wadded up wrapping paper and cleaned off turkey bones. In most parts of the world, that’s it. The day is over; the deed is done. But, in some countries, the UK and Australia most notably, celebrants have one more day to partake in holiday cheer. Although the origins are unclear, everyone who takes part in Boxing Day seem pretty sure about their desire to keep the party going. The day is almost purely secular and always has been so, so there’s no tiresome reminders to keep Christ in Boxing Day. Also, the day seems to be, above all else, about relaxing. If your idea of relaxation is to kick back on the couch to watch a game, there are plenty to choose from. Or if taking it easy for you… Read More »

When not to finish your beer

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There aren’t too many circumstances under which I would recommend not finishing your beer. Once a beer has been opened or poured, there’s not much else you can or should do but finish it. You can’t reseal it until later and if you think that perhaps you’ve had enough already, well, I can’t really understand that kind of thinking. But, in this one isolated case, it might not have been in John Robin Whittle’s best interest to take the time to finish his beer. See, Whittle stopped in at a bar last Thursday and ordered a beer. The bartender produced the beer but Whittle left before touching it. Instead of taking the time to enjoy his drink, he popped down to a local bank down the block and robbed it. After doing the deed, he returned to the bar and finished his beer. Now, first, I have to say that… Read More »

Last Minute Shopping… THE DRINKING GAME

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The holidays! A time to shirk responsibility, save completely foreseeable annual things until the very last minute, and start articles with generic exclamations! As we at the Boozin Blog are always in support of such festive tendencies, I’ve shirked responsibility to leave you wonderful people waiting an entire week for your next Boozin’ Blog. And since you wonderful people are surely just as festive, you waited until today to get your last minute shopping done. Well, it did suck. And it did make you reconsider your religious choices. And you will totally do all your shopping online next year (*Cough* *Cough*). But if you don’t, there’s another way to get you through the tribulations of Christmas Eve Mallwar: (And you’ll have to wait until next year to use it, I know. I told you. Major shirkage goin’ on over here.) THE OFFICIAL BOOZINGEAR LAST MINUTE SHOPPING DRINKING GAME STRENGTH IN NUMBERS It… Read More »

Happy National Growler Day

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The internet is good for two things: (1) Laziness.  You can now do anything from the comfort of your office chair, couch, bed, or even toilet.  This is actually not something the internet is good for.  This is something the internet is terrible for.  I mean, cyber-bullying?  Back in my day, if you wanted to make a nerd cry, you had to troll a playground. (2) Making sh*t up.  This one is actually very good.  With the internet, you get to make something up and have it accepted as true solely based on the merit of “well, look how many people looked at it!”. And that is just what the people over at The Beer Mapping Project did last year when they decided to, arbitrarily and without explanation, name December 17th National Growler Day.  The movement appears to be growing in it’s second year, and is even getting some love… Read More »

Boozin Gear: Rick’s Favorite Products.

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Boozin’ Gear carries a lot of terrific products. They’ve got great shirts, sandals, towels, bar accessories and more, but there are a few that stand out as the best, the funniest and the most innovative. Okay, maybe not innovative but they are pretty hilarious. Here are MY top 10. Bobble Babe Koozies : Bouncing Boobs Red Can Cooler Set The boobs actually bounce. How cool is that? I guarantee if you get these, you’ll be flicking these tiny boobs all night. Just don’t be an idiot and shake the can.   Mickey’s Malt Liquor Hoody : Charcoal w/ Beer Pouch This sweatshirt was inspired by alcoholic kangaroos. Currently I’m working on a beer bong inspired by the four stomachs of a cow. No luck thus far… Bud Light Beach Mat & Cooler Remember when I said innovative? BOOM! Not only is it a beach mat which is like ten times… Read More »


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Hm. Well. Okay, this is awkward.  We’re well into the second week of December which means, by my calculations, I’ve posted nothing in just over a month.  This is, of course, due to the inherent difficulty in writing about getting drunk: it encourages me to shirk responsibility by… getting drunk. “But Don Julian, Hemingway did it!” Well, if Hemingway shot himself in the face with a shotgun, would you? (HINT: He did; you didn’t).  The truth of the matter is that I’d love more than anything to be able to write while inebriated, but it’s just not in my drunk skill set.  See chart: Things in my drunk skill set: eating — dancing — getting drunker — sleeping — freestyle rapping — talking to people that scare me — karaoke — writing texts that are terrible ideas. Things not in my drunk skill set: operating heavy machinery — writing anything… Read More »

Pepe Veláquez’s Craft Beer Christmas

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It’s winter time in Los Angeles which means one thing for Pepe Velazquez: Craft Beer Christmas! This is Pepe’s favorite time of year. Everyone in town knows Pepe’s commitment to having the best Craft Beer Christmas ever. Now most people think of Los Angeles and they say, “L.A? Well that’s not a very Christmas-friendly town. New York is where it’s at. White Christmases, horse and buggies through Central Park, parades, blah blah, blah blah, blah blah…” Well normally you would be right. But not at Pepe’s house. His holiday parties are world renowned in the craft beer world. Every Christmas, Pepe buys out all the macro-beer in the surrounding towns to prevent ignorant consumers from purchasing inferior beer, but he doesn’t just throw it away. That would be wasteful. Pepe takes all of the beer and creates an aqueduct that runs from the Hills towards the ocean where halfway it… Read More »