Step Aside, Mojito.

By , April 25, 2007 in Bourbon, Cocktails, whiskey

The Mojito may be the chic minty cocktail of the moment but at least one day a year it has to step aside for that beautiful southern belle, the Mint Julep. That day, the day of Kentucky Derby, is just around the corner; May 5, to be exact. The pairing of this sporting event and cocktail is perhaps the closest relationship in the wide world of sports and booze. Baseball has beer; cricket has tea (which MUST to be cut with generous amounts of whiskey otherwise how can anyone sit through it?); and curling has, well, I don’t know what though I’m sure it has something. But all of these sports can exist without their particular drink and vice-versa. The Kentucky Derby and the Mint Julep are a holy pair and cannot exist separately. The idea of a Derby held without copiously amounts of Julep is inconceivable and, honestly, who even… Read More »

The True Story of the Two Xs

By , April 18, 2007 in Beer

This isn’t about a couple of girlfriends or wives that I’ve left in my wake. No, it’s an unraveling of a mystery that has likely occurred to more than one fan of Mexican beer. Why Dos Equis (two Xs)? I myself have wondered this many times between mouthfuls of chips and salsa washed down by the sweet amber brew at my local Mexican watering hole. What do Xs typically symbolize? Well, I must admit that when I see more than one X I think pornography. Can’t help it and I won’t apologize for it. It just pops into my head – x-rated and all of that. But there’s nothing pornographic about this popular Mexican beer, is there? I’d call the citrus that bartenders insist on shoving into the neck of the bottle every time I order one obscene but not pornographic. But that’s not likely the connection. So what else could… Read More »

Who Would You Have a Beer With

By , April 13, 2007 in Beer

I can’t let this one pass without comment. Anheuser-Busch recently gave their Here’s To Beer website a face lift. Besides being slicker it’s also got some new features. One that really strikes my fancy is Who Would You Have a Beer With. What they did was take an actor, put him in different costumes, gave him a beer and sat him down in front of a camera. He portrays figures from history with quite a lot of poetic license. You can “have a beer” with Ben Franklin, Genghis Kahn or Johnny Appleseed although why the latter wouldn’t opt for hard cider is beyond me. But this brings up a more important question: Who would you like to have a beer with? Setting aside little problems like language and culture differences, which one character from history would you like to have a beer with? Actually, Ben Franklin really isn’t a bad… Read More »


By , April 10, 2007 in Beer, Beer Pong

I know it’s been a while, but we just had to write about the World Series of Beer Pong from back in January.This was the Second Annual World Series of Beer Pong, held in Mesquite Nevada (60 miles north of Las Vegas) was held on January 1-5 2007 to spark off the new year! But what kind of beer pong tournament would this be without some representation? So, one of the co-founders along with a beer pong rookie decided to join the ranks with the worlds best beer pong players for a $20,000 grand prize. What can I say, we just can’t resist an invitation to get our balls wet. The tournament consisted of 245 teams of two participating in three days of WSOBP play. The first two days consisted of preliminary rounds where teams would then be broken out into a bracket style tournament for day three…. Read More »

Whiskey Tourism and American History

By , April 5, 2007 in whiskey

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of George Washington’s distillery. In the years after his presidency Washington built a whiskey production facility on his estate in Mount Vernon, VA. Well, it’s up and running. Back in the nineties a group of archaeologists descended on the site of the old distillery. They dug up copper pots and other implements of distillation. Now about ten years later a fair replication of the original has opened. In addition to full whiskey production from mash to cup there is also a museum and gift shop where visitors can buy bottles of the boozy Americana if they like. I know I’d like to try some. Whiskey tourism has been around for a long time but it’s been growing in popularity in recent years. The bourbon trail in Kentucky has been a popular destination for years and Ireland and Scotland regularly see their fair share of… Read More »

The Position Has Been Filled

By , April 1, 2007 in Beer

I hate to start this blog off on a bitter note but I can’t deny that I’m a little miffed that I wasn’t picked as Four Points Sheraton’s CBO (Chief Beer Officer). I mean, not only am I insanely qualified because I really, really like beer but, I wanted this job because I really, really like beer. OK, so Scott Kerkmans, the guy picked for the position, seems to have a passing interest in the stuff, too. He’s a homebrewer, he is a certified beer judge and he is part of the new beer magazine, Draft, that launched last year. He seems able to speak eloquently about beer and he received more votes than the other three finalists in an open election. On the other hand, I should have been picked because I really, really like beer; or did I say that already? As CBO Scott will be Four Points… Read More »

Welcome to the Boozin’ Blog

By , March 29, 2007 in Administrative

Welcome one and all to the Boozin’ Blog – in appreciation for the beer and liquor that we all enjoy. If you’re a fan (like we are), then check back often for industry news, reviews, and stories surrounding the world of drinking. We’ll take an unbiased look at a variety of booze related information geared for the everyday enthusiast. Read more about us here. Otherwise, read, enjoy, and feel free to jump in with your two cents whenever you get the urge. Cheers!