National Bourbon Heritage Month is aComin’

By , August 7, 2007 in Bourbon, whiskey, whisky

The US Senate has declared September to be National Bourbon Heritage month. How does one celebrate National Bourbon Heritage Month? Drink bourbon and go to a bourbon festival.

Gallon of Scotch, Anyone?

By , August 2, 2007 in scotch, whiskey, whisky

Islay Distiller releases the biggest bottle of Scotch whisky in the world.

Woo Hoo! Get Your Duff Gear Here

By , August 1, 2007 in Beer

As a big fan of the Simpsons and all things Springfield, the beer blogger is excited about the new Duff Gear now available at Boozin’ Gear.

Um, That Is Scotch, Right?

By , July 29, 2007 in scotch, whiskey, whisky

The Beer Blog blogger muses about the authenticity of the stuff in Scotch bottles.

Gin – A Retraction

By , July 24, 2007 in Gin, Vodka

Is gin coming back? Mixology-minded bartenders are starting to reintroduce drinkers to classic drinks made with gin and specialty flavored gins.

She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Wife

By , July 12, 2007 in Beer

Wife Carrying World Championships – A uniquely Finnish sport with the wife’s weight in beer as the prize.

What’s In a Name? American Whisky

Welcome to part two of this very occasional series, What’s In a Name, wherein we are exploring the precise meanings of the words on our booze labels. Today we’re going to look at American whisky including bourbon, rye, wheat malt, rye malt, corn whisky, straight whisky, and blended whisky.

Happy Independence Day!

By , July 3, 2007 in Beer, Cocktails, Wine

Plan your Independence Day drinking festivities with some summertime drinking favorites – from recommended summertime brews, cocktails and wines, be sure to stock up accordingly this year.

Get That Stuff Out Of My Booze!

By , June 29, 2007 in Beer, Vodka

Recently I attended a beer festival in St. Louis.  The first two beers poured for me each had a hair in them.  The first time it happened I thought that it was an honest mistake.  The second time I worried that a disturbing pattern was developing.  But after that all of my beers were free of any visible additives so, statistically speaking (unlimited free beer so your guess is as good as mine) the ratio of hairy beers to shorn beers was favorable. But that’s not to say that the brewers and distillers aren’t adding something before bartenders even have a change to shed into the glass.  Check out Stampede Beer. They actually add vitamins to their beer. The idea here is that drinking leeches certain vitamins from the body – presumably this is what causes hang-overs – and this beer kindly replaces them. I thought that that’s what the… Read More »

Booze and the Beach

By , June 27, 2007 in Rum

Vacation season is upon us. And what goes better with a few lazy days spent on the beach than a bottle of your favorite booze. Not so fast, buster, if taking a cruise is your idea of the perfect vacation. Many cruise lines are putting tough restrictions on what sort of alcoholic products that they’ll allow on their ships. There is almost an industry wide ban on all that great duty-free rum that you like to pick up on the various islands. In most cases they will confiscate it when you board the ship and return it to you when the trip is over. Stinks, right? Well, they have to make some money after selling off all their cabins as cheaply as possible so they can sail with a full ship. Booze sales on board are an important part of their revenue. So what about your cruise line? Best to… Read More »