Don’t Drink the Props

By , October 5, 2007 in Beer

The tainted beer mystery in Canada has been solved. It turns out that instead of some evil mastermind, absent minded bartenders were the most likely culprits.

Ale or Lager – What’s In a Name?

By , October 1, 2007 in Beer, What's In a Name?

Ale and lager are terms that are often used interchangeably with beer. This way is a mistake and it blurs the line of one of the most basic distinctions of beer.

Hangover Cures

By , September 29, 2007 in hangover

There are lots of cures that seem to employ varying degrees of practicality. But other more folksy remedies are so much more fun to consider and many are surprisingly effective.

Autumnal Beer

By , September 25, 2007 in Beer

Autumnal beers are far and away my favorite part of the season. Here are some of the most popular styles of the season – Oktoberfest, pumpkin beer, and saison.

More Beam for Your Buck

By , September 17, 2007 in Bourbon, whiskey

Fred Noe, the seventh generation master distiller at Jim Beam, saw his portrait added alongside his predecessors’ this past week.

The Two Faces of Stella

By , September 11, 2007 in Beer

The beer blog considers how Stella Artois has managed to garner a refined, even chic, image in the US while in the UK the same beer is commonly known as the “wife-beater.

Fresh Air at Last

By , September 9, 2007 in Beer

This is what health conscious pub-goers in Britain were expecting when a smoking ban went into affect this summer. What they got was something else entirely.

Confusion Over Whiskey vs. Whisky – What’s In a Name?

I thought that I’d worked out the difference between whiskey and whisky. I was wrong. In Ireland and Scotland it’s easy – the Irish make whiskey and the Scottish make whisky. But in the US and elsewhere the lines begin to blur.

Spice Up the Season with Jack’s Pumpkin Spice Ale

By , August 17, 2007 in Beer

Anheuser Busch has released their annual fall seaonal – Jack’s Pumpkin Spice Ale.

Considering the Drinking Age

By , August 16, 2007 in Alcohol Law, Beer

A couple of seemingly contradictory headlines started the beer blog blogger thinking about drinking age limits, societies’ differing views of alcohol, and alcohol laws in general.