For Scotch Lovers – A Whisky Community

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On my last post about whisky and aging a fellow by the name of Doug left a comment. He suggested that we check out his community for whisky lovers. Oh boy, another themed myspace clone, right? But no, I think that they’ve really got something here.

A Word about Whisky and Aging

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What does it mean when the label on a bottle of whiskey declares it to be 12 years old?


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May 15 Kicks Off Summer Refreshment Movement with “Coors Light Code Blue”

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo – Put Mexican Beer Inside You

Often mischaracterized as Mexican Independence Day, Cinco de Mayo has spread well beyond Mexico’s borders and is enthusiastically celebrated here in the US. In the same spirit as St. Patrick’s Day when everyone seems to turn Irish, Cinco de Mayo celbrants in the US seek to embrace the culture of their neighbor to the south and what better way than to drink copious amounts of their beer?

The Greatest Whisky in the World…Until Next Year

By , April 29, 2008 in whiskey, whisky

The Whisky Magazine has named their winners for the 2008 World’s Best Whisky awards. For the first time the single malt award didn’t go to a Scottish distiller. The winner this is the twenty year old Yoichi from Japan.

Bushmills’s 400 Years

By , April 27, 2008 in whiskey

Bushmills turned 400 this week.

Another Loopy Liquor Law

By , April 26, 2008 in Alcohol Law, Beer, whiskey, whisky

I tend to go on about this but the variety of silly laws regarding alcohol sales and consumption never cease to amaze me.

2/3 of a Beer, Anyone?

By , April 23, 2008 in Beer

Have you ever gotten to the bottom of a beer and thought to yourself, “That was good, I just wish that there’d been less of it?” Yeah. Me neither.

OMG! Not History!

By , April 8, 2008 in Vodka

Is Absolut vodka trying to get Mexico to invade the US? Are we reading way too much into a simple ad?

Popcorn, Candy and Beer

By , March 31, 2008 in Beer

Theaters serving beer and other alcoholic drinks might once have been an occasional oddity but these establishments are now a national trend.