Vodka through a Really Long Straw

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Estonian police have arrested a ruthless gang of vodka smugglers. The cabal of Russian and Estonian criminals was sneaking hundreds of gallons of vodka across the border from Russia to Estonia via an underwater pipe. My first thought when I saw this story was how good could it be after going through those pipes? I can’t find any details about the quality of the plumping but almost any possibility that I can come up with leaves me wanting to rinse out my mouth. Were they old, forgotten pipes that once had a legitimate use? If so can you image the filth that the vodka would have picked up? OK, maybe they were new. A PVC pipeline would have been glued together giving the already bad brew a glue-ee taste. What about metal? There we have the possibility of lead from any joints that had to be joined together. Turns out… Read More »

Have You Heard the One about the Englishwoman and the Polish Bar?

By , September 17, 2008 in Beer

In the past I’ve been rather impressed with the British for enforcing the proper pint. Law enforcement agents have actually gone out into the field (pubs) to make sure that the landlords were serving a full Imperial pint. But such standardization can be taken too far. For example consider the case of Nic Davison. He owns a popular Polish restaurant. In addition to serving Polish food he serves Polish beer in Polish beer glasses. The problem is that these glasses are calibrated metrically so instead of serving beer by the pint he serves it by the half litre. Despite the fact that this is clearly stated on the menu and the customers are apparently comfortable with the practice the government isn’t. The 1988 Weights and Measures Act states that beer must be sold by the pint and Jane Miller, director for neighbourhoods at the local council, is determined to see… Read More »

Three New Beers from Anheuser-Busch

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A-B and I don’t always see eye-to-eye on what’s good beer. I could live a life-time without having another Budweiser lager and die a happy man. But they’re releasing three new brews this month that are forcing me to reconsider my opinion of Anheuser-Busch beer. You should check them out. First is the Budweiser American Ale. For now we’ll overlook the ostentatious claim that with this beer Bud is “defining American ale,” something they missed the boat on years ago if it was ever possible at all to define ale with one beer. The beer itself is really quite enjoyable. I tried some at a beer festival back in May and was unimpressed with the sweet, characterless brew. But the brewmaster told me that they were still tweaking the recipe and I must say they’ve had a productive summer. They shipped a couple of bottles to me recently that it… Read More »

Be a Volunteer

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No, we here at the Boozin’ Blog are not promoting altruism; we wouldn’t want to be associated with THAT crowd. We’re suggesting that you do yourself a big favor and volunteer at a beer festival. The big season for festivals is just around the corner and many of them depend on volunteers to make things work. (You can find a nearby beer festival by checking out the or my beer festival schedule.) While there are lot’s of things to do at a festival most volunteers wind up pouring which is, of course, the most fun.  There’s no pay but there are perks. Most volunteers are invited to enjoy the beer within reason – you can’t be much help if you get sloshed. You will also probably get a tee shirt out of it and you get to spend a few hours with a bunch of beer lovers. Sounds like… Read More »

Do We Want Weaker Beer?

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Sometimes a person just wants a simple, tasty beer that isn’t going to put him under the table, a beer that can be enjoyed one after another throughout an evening. The British call these session beers.

2008 Presidential Debates Drinking Game

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I like keep it simple:
You’ll need your favorite spirits – I’m going with bourbon – and one shot glass for each player. You’ll also need some six-packs of Bud and Goose Island 312 Urban Whea

Let Adults Drink

By , August 24, 2008 in Alcohol Law, drinking age

Here in the US there is a national drinking age of twenty-one. This is a rather higher limit than in most other countries and it wasn’t always this high. It also wasn’t national. The drinking age limit is actually set by states. But in a questionable move the Federal government, bowing to pressure from the won’t-someone-think-of-the-children groups, tacked a requirement to highway funds money forcing states to change their age limits or face a 10% cut. In this round-about way the government effective Federalized drinking age limits and 21 has been the national standard for over two decades. And it has been a whopping failure. Having such a high age limit creates another problem. Eighteen is generally the age of adulthood in the US. At eighteen young adults can vote, join the military and serve on juries. Many move out of their parents’ house in their eighteenth year. They’ve graduated… Read More »

Beer Pong Joining the Fight against Cancer

By , August 19, 2008 in Beer, charity

The easy hook for this story is that it could seem unconventional for players of beer pong could be trying to give something back to the community. But is it really all that unusual? Here’s what’s going on. Brooke and Sean Mulkerron’s daughter Tess has a rare liver disease. The toddler has had four major surgeries, six rounds of chemotherapy, and countless blood transfusions. Although she appears to be in remission and the doctors are optimistic her parents are now dedicated to the cause of fighting cancer and are keen to raise money for the fight any way they can. So they contacted Brian Roseman, the owner of, and sold him on the idea of a tournament designed to raise money for their cause. From the press release: To support the tournament, Roseman is donating $15 to cancer research for every beer pong table he sells from He… Read More »

Greener Beer

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No, this isn’t another post about making your beer green. One was enough. This one’s about environmentally friendly beer. Yesterday Anheuser-Busch issued a press release promising that by the end of 2009 they plan to have 1 in 7 of their beers brewed entirely using renewable fuel. In case you didn’t know, brewing beer uses a lot of energy and water. It takes a lot of energy to boil then cool beer during brewing. And it takes a lot of water and energy to clean up after and get ready for the next brew. I read somewhere that it takes around seven gallons of water per one gallon of beer produced using traditional methods. With a lot of effort the greener brewers have been able to get that down to three to one. So any progress that A-B can make in this direction is a positive thing. But is it… Read More »

Beer Goddesses

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A couple of beer goddesses recently found their way to my inbox. The first is nothing more than a damn big beer. Heartland Brewery is now selling a three liter serving of beer that they call the Beer Goddess. They say that they are reasonably sure it’s the biggest single serving of beer in the world. (Pitchers don’t count.) But they’d like to know if you know of a bigger one.  If you do contact them at The second beer goddess takes a little more explanation. Here’s the story. Utah beer has been undergoing a renaissance in the last few years. The state has long been closely associated with Mormonism and with that came some pretty restrictive beer brewing and selling laws. Despite these laws the craft beer industry managed to produce some respectable brews. Recently the state began lifting some of the restrictions that held brewing back and… Read More »