AMBAR ALERT: Think before you drink DOS XX Ambar

By , April 12, 2012 in Administrative

  I don’t always drink beer. But when I do, it makes microscopic lacerations in my esophagus on the way down. Less than 24 hours ago, HeinekenUSA announced a voluntary recall of Dos XX Ambar and a handful of other brands they handle. They posted the following to their facebook page: Recall Alert: Through routine quality inspections, we found a defect on some of our Dos Equis Ambar brown bottles. As a result, we have made the decision to issue a partial, voluntary recall of these affected products. Please view the following video or visit for more information.   It’s no reason to panic as the number of affected bottles is believed to be below 1%, but we at Boozin Blog advocate safe drinking and would hate for any of our fearless readers to try to enjoy a beer with “small grains or particles of glass … [separated] from the inside lip… Read More »

007′s First Alcoholic Drink EVER.

By , April 11, 2012 in Administrative

The following BoozinBlog post is brought to you by… Exclusiv Vodka. We try to stay impartial here at BoozinBlog because we do enjoy all alcohols equally, but when someone sends us a bottle, we might talk about it. And when we LIKE that bottle? We’re definitely gonna give you beautiful folks a heads-up (You are beautiful, right? We can’t totally tell. We’ve been drinking vodka.) Though the name might imply red velvet ropes and disapproving looks from wealthy people, Exclusiv, from Moldova, is actually well within my price range (which means it’s definitely within yours) at just over ten bucks for a fifth. Here’s what I know: It was smooth and tasty, even enjoyed straight. I could take a stab at picking apart the flavor minutia, but I wouldn’t be half as skilled as our friends at “Clear. Faint aromas of anise, dried citrus, and pastry with a soft,… Read More »

Heineken Shakes Up Bond

By , April 10, 2012 in Administrative

Calm down! Calm! Calm down. Okay, cool. I know you’re upset for two reasons: (A) I’ve been away for a second. (B) James Bond. Heineken. What gives? As for A, my apologies. I had a beerathon last weekend and it was canceled and it left me distraught. FYI: If you’re ever signed up to take part in a seemingly unorthodox beer tasting event (26 different beers at 26 different bars), shoot the event organizer an e-mail to make sure they’ve squared away the proper permits. In this case, they hadn’t. They pulled the event the day before. It was devastating (and also totally the thing I was planning to blog about last weekend). As for B, I know, right?! For those of you who aren’t beer geeks or Bond nerds- shame on you- there has been quite the internet ruckus over a recent article in AdAge, where Eric Schultz reports: In… Read More »

Bicentennial Woman

By , March 25, 2012 in Administrative

You know that feeling you get when you find something so amazing, so damn impressive that you simultaneously love and despise it? You’re so happy it happened, but just cripplingly frustrated that it wasn’t you? You want to explode, or maybe just sit still to bask in its glory, emotional diarrhea haltingly at odds with emotional constipation? Yeah. That’s me right now. Because at midnight last night, Stephanie Stark, senior at Ohio University, concluded her week-long documentation of a spring break challenge: The Bicentennial (Visit the blog here). I’ve expressed my love for running back when I let you guys know how overjoyed I was that such a big-name brewer as Sam Adams acknowledged the unspoken tie between beer and running. And if you read that article, you know that I have a minor masochistic obsession with mixing the two (beer mile, 24-24-24). With all this in mind, The Bicentennial… Read More »

The Scathing, Hilarious Beer Geek Critique You Never Knew You Wanted

By , March 19, 2012 in Administrative

Tonight started with my planning to do a little edu-taining article about beer styles, tackling the seemingly obvious, but truly head-scratching task of clearly defining the difference between ales and lagers (I swear I’ll do it soon, but in case you’re antsy for some learnin’, those are the wikipedia links. Cut out the middle man.) Finding the task unmanageable on March 18th (happy day after St. Patrick’s), I went internet hunting for more -taining, less -edu things that would require less thinking on my part. I’m glad I did, because without my laziness and willful narrow-mindedness about beer, I never would have found the below series of videos that pokes fun at beer lovers who are… lazy and willfully narrow-minded about beer (Thanks to John Smith for creating the videos and Beer Pulse for  finding them). Enjoy. [I’m having trouble embedding, but do yourself the favor and click through. Don’t let the… Read More »


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Well, I just filled out my bracket. As with every year, I picked mostly at random, only letting myself justify a decision when I really, really wanted a friend’s favorite team to lose. Even though I’m not quite as into sports as I know I’m supposed to be (I write a damned beer blog, after all! Manly things! Tim Allen!), I do love March Madness. It’s a time for people to get irrationally competitive, distracted from other facets of their lives, and generally hilarious to be around. Watching a good friend get exceedingly upset over something entirely unimportant is surely the eighth wonder of the world. All this being said, I get caught up in the competition myself because… well, there’s just something about brackets that makes everything more exciting! So imagine my ecstatic yelps of joy when I discovered The Washington Post’s… Beer Madness. For the sixth year in… Read More »

Craft Station

By , March 5, 2012 in Administrative

Say whaaaaaat? 5 Hours ago, Audrina Bigos reported (@AudrinaBigos) via FOX’s Charlotte, NC affiliate that certain South Carolina gas stations are now offering rotating taps to fill up growlers or 6-packs of resuable 12-ounce bottles. This endeavor is put on by a company called Craft Beer Exchange, and they’re operating exclusively through Sunoco APlus stores in New York and now in South Carolina. For those of you lucky enough to be in either area, here is a list of the 42 New York locations and 4 in South Carolina. I admit that this could be solid grounds for a “Drunk Conterdrunk”, but I think I’m all in favor of this one. While people are raising questions about whether this promotes drunk driving or makes alcohol more accessible to minors, I don’t think it makes a difference. CBE isn’t providing beer to any gas stations that didn’t already have it. The way… Read More »

St. Patrick Prep

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For anyone who reads this blog frequently, first of all, thank you. Second of all, you are a lying scoundrel. I check the hits. It’s just me and my grandma reading this stuff, and she only does it when there’s nothing on USA. Thirdly, you should know that- though is the company that keeps the lights on around here- they give a fair amount of freedom in terms of what I can write about and never require me to shout them out unless convenient. Because they allow me so much wiggle room, though, I think it’s fair to promote some of their stuff when I see fit. And when better to get some great deals on stylish and/or functional and/or tacky (yet refined) gear than a holiday like St. Patrick’s Day?! As I see it, there are two rules to St. Patrick’s Day: Wear green. Be obnoxious. The first… Read More »

How to Drink Beer… Knowledgeably

By , March 3, 2012 in Beer, beer history

I’ve mentioned BeerAdvocate before. I love to read from them, reference them, and- most often; most proudly- steal from them. But tonight, I just want to share. In my search for beer topics worth writing about, I procrastinated my way into literature on tasting and reviewing beer. It’s embarrassing how often I find myself and other beer-loving friends with difficulty in describing a beer: Me: “Oooh, that’s my favorite!” You: “Yeah, what’s it taste like?” Me: “It’s really hoppy! I like hops!” You: “Um… so what does that mean?” Me: “It’s like… well, it’s kinda bitter? And it’s…” And then I jump through the nearest window. The point is that I drink beer often enough (and I’m sure you do, too) that we should be able to speak about it in an educated way. This means knowing proper protocol for tasting a beer, proper protocol for describing a beer (including… Read More »

Drunk, Counterdrunk: Pong Beer

By , March 3, 2012 in Administrative, Beer, Beer Pong

A couple weeks ago, the internet was abuzz with the debut of Pong Lite, a beverage modeled after some of our favorite cheap beers and unapologetically targeted at binge-drinking collegiates (or those who party like them). Is this a good thing: An upstart company makin’ a little swill skrill in a market previously dominated by Keystone, Miller, Bud, Busch, and Natty (aka MillerCoors, MillerCoors, InBev, InBev, and InBev)? Or is it a thinly veiled and uncreative attempt to sell a product by exploiting destructive drinking habits? This is… Drunk, Counterdrunk. It’s honest; it’s cheap; it’s a small-ish brewery. Let’s drink. No hate for The Man. Honestly. Craft beer is great (drinking an excellent Stone Levitation Ale as we speak), but we’ve also dedicated plenty of dollars to purchasing cheap beer made by… the companies who make all of the cheap beer. It’s unique and intriguing for a smaller brewery- Jones Brewing… Read More »