Stupid is the new black

Carlsberg is introducing a new beer with perhaps the stupidest selling point that I’ve ever seen for a beer. On the company’s website, Copenhagen is rolled out with a discussion of what “modern women and men” are looking for in a beer today, “specifically the full package of design, taste and quality.” It seems that these modern women and men don’t like the bitter aftertaste of beer and are looking for a beer that can serve as a real alternative to white wine or Champagne. In other words, from the perspective of flavor, this is a beer for people who don’t like beer. Fine, join the crowd, there are lots of those beers already on the market. What really gets me about the way this beer is being marketed is the focus on design. Most of the company’s copy about the beer focuses on the design of the bottle and… Read More »

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum Rebate/Coupon

Captain Morgan just celebrated his birthday this past weekend and MAYBE you missed it? You still have time to party with the Captain and he’s giving you a mail in rebate to send in and save a few dollars before the end of the month. Take advantage and save while you can! Captain Morgan Rebatecaptain morgan original spiced rum

Cheapo of the Seas

College graduation. Tears, laughter, a sense of accomplishment. And what’s that? That’s right: the feeling that someone’s watching you. It’s not your imagination. It’s us, the adult workforce, gleefully welcoming you to our ranks as each and every ounce of happiness begins to slowly, painfully drip from your carcass of a soul… But first, you’ve got a graduation cruise to enjoy! Now, in a perfect world, you received enough graduation money to buy all the drinks you could ever want while sailing from one Caribbean port to the next. But if your reality’s anything like mine was, then you’re flat broke as you spent all of your money on alcohol-themed beach attire (“Yes, your Corona flip-flops make you look distinguished, but I still won’t sleep with you… What? You have a matching Corona towel?! Take me! Take me on your kitschy towel!”). In order to offset the cost of the… Read More »

A day on the lake

Growing up in a suburb where the closest body of water was my grandparent’s pool, I never knew the joy that comes with renting a boat for the day, taking it out on the lake, and skipping rocks while you eat BBQ and drink lemonade with your family. While I still don’t know that, many of my friends do. And a few weekends ago, I was invited along when they decided to do what we twenty-somethings do best: bastardize family memories. As we pulled out of the dock in our party boat, something didn’t seem right. “Is this legal?” I was sitting on a keg of Miller High Life and pouring myself a drink from the Gin bucket next to me. My friend, The Captain (no, not Captain Morgan), advised me to stop being a pansy and double-fist. I poured myself a beer and pestered. “Seriously, the guy from the… Read More »

French police whine for wine

By , April 30, 2011 in Beer, Wine

It seems that the French police force, or at least the riot police, have been allowed to drink on the job. No, scratch that, I don’t want to piss off any riot cops – they have the right to drink on the job. That is until recently. Some pictures of the cops drinking from beer bottles while deployed during some recent student demonstrations were being circulated. When the Interior Ministry got a look at the pictures, the order was passed down that the cops could no longer drink while on the clock and that includes during lunch. Now the French cops are mad. They’re demanding that their drinking privileges be reinstated or they’re going to strike. Well, they’re threatening labor action. I just prefer to use the word strike over a phrase that sounds more like giving birth than fighting the man. I find this stunning. I mean, first that… Read More »

Concerns that rugby fans won’t get enough beer

By , April 29, 2011 in Beer

Trouble’s abrewin’ in New Zealand. The country is hosting the World Rugby Cup starting in September this year and there are some concerned citizens worried that the fans won’t be served enough beer. See, according to the Society of Beer Advocates and the Brewers’ Guild of New Zealand, there could be some confusion over the fact that beer in New Zealand is measured in millimeters instead of by the pint, like it is in the UK where a lot of the visiting rugby fans are likely to come from. The typical large beer served in New Zealand pubs weighs in somewhere between 400 and 560 mL, less than the Imperial pint. They are encouraging bar owners to clearly mark in milliliters how much beer is in their beer. I suppose they have a point but don’t most of us expect things to be different when we travel? That’s part of… Read More »

No beer at the royal wedding

By , April 28, 2011 in Beer, champagne

If I’m honest, I must admit that I’m sick of hearing about the royal wedding. Two strangers who represent an archaic system and have no responsibilities are being thrown a lavish party at the expense of tax-payers from another country. Nothing about that makes me care. But, for some reason, every media outlet thinks that I should and do care. So, anytime I’ve tried to catch up on the news, I’m served up another steaming pile of crap about the whole ridiculous affair. The only reason that I’m looking forward to the event is that once it happens I won’t have to hear about it any more. For all of that, it’s only been mildly irritating. My remote works quite well and there is nothing forcing me to click on the links to news stories about Kate’s hat collection. I’ve mostly ignored it. That is until this headline popped up… Read More »

Two new disgusting ways to drink

By , April 27, 2011 in Cocktails, Vodka

My grocery store sells peeled boiled eggs. I was stunned when I came across these little jewels of ridiculousness and had to inspect them. They come two to a pack and are wrapped in plastic, which means that you have to exert roughly the same amount of effort in getting them out of the plastic wrap as you would have in peeling your own boiled eggs. I would never buy these – I refuse to pay someone to peel an egg – but, I love that I live in a universe where they exist. It’s just some how wonderful for me. To balance that feeling out, I hate that I live in a universe where these two products exist: Cupcake Vodka and Whipped Lightning. It doesn’t take much to explain them. The vodka comes in five cupcake flavors. (We’ll set aside for the moment that there really isn’t such a… Read More »

Atlanta World Series Of Beer Pong Satellite Tournament

The back room of a bar can be reserved for a lot of things. It can be a place for regulars to escape annoying tourists. It can be a place for dancing or, if you go to the right bars, “special dancing”. And if you’re in the wrong part of town or the 1940’s, it can even be a place to get your craps fix. But on Sunday afternoon at Famous Pub, the back room was reserved exclusively for one thing: a group of people who were much, much better than me at beer pong.’s World Series of Beer Pong (WSOBP) Atlanta Satellite Tournament brought out teams from Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Maryland, and Virginia, each duo vying for a chance to represent in WSOBP VII next January. Now, as someone who spent four years in college pursuing a creative writing degree, I was able to log many hours… Read More »

Canadian Whisky’s Image Issues

By , April 20, 2011 in booze, Bourbon, whiskey, whisky

Did you know that Canadian whisky had an image problem? Neither did I until I spotted this article in the New York Times. As I read the first few sentences, I realized that I have, unconsciously, harbored a dim view of whisky from the north. The article talks about how Canadian whisky is generally viewed as a light mixer without much depth or character; okay for cocktails but kinda weak on it’s own. My unconscious prejudice against the stuff isn’t quite so thoughtful. I just tend to think that it’s not going to be as good. I have no basis for this. One possible explanation is that, living fairly close to Kentucky, I have a strong sense of the tradition of bourbon. I’ve toured some of the distilleries there and dig the history of some of those old distillers. I feel the same way about Scotch, although I’ve never been… Read More »