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Dammit, Starbucks (Update)

By , January 29, 2012 in Beer, Restaurants, Starbucks

This is a continuation of the events discussed in  my post about Starbucks rolling out beer and wine in Atlanta (and L.A. and Chicago). You can read the original post here. Though I have many friends- oodles, thousands, bushels; measure them how you like- very few participate actively in my Boozin’ Blogging. Thankfully, my dear friend Rob isn’t as chronically passive as so many of you.  Other friends, the gauntlet has been thrown. A few days ago, Rob alerted me to a dicussion in the Beeradvocate* forum where beer-lovers were discussing the alcoholic additions to Starbucks. As with any internet forum, much of the discussion descends into circular, mindnumbing argument about barely relevant tangents, in this case the value you get when you buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks (My favorite line: After one user explained the itemized costs that go into a Starbucks cup of coffee, he boasts,”Ask… Read More »