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Four Stout Cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day

The big day is approaching. While you might feel obligated to grab a Guinness or one of those pints of green beer that started showing up a week or so ago, why not try some stout based beer cocktails this year? Naturally, there’s the classic Black and Tan. Traditionally, the B&T is made with Guinness and Bass. The drink works because pale ale is heavier than stout. If you fill a glass halfway with pale ale then carefully pour stout on top, the stout will literally float on top. Not only does the drink look cool, it’s quite tasty, too. If you try this yourself, you probably want to use a spoon to slow the stout down so it won’t mix with the pale ale. Pouring it over the curved back of the spoon should do the trick. There are tools made for this very purpose which mount on the… Read More »

St. Patrick’s Day is Coming

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If you are a days-that-end-in-y kind of drinker like I am, then you probably look forward to St. Patrick’s Day with just as much anticipation as I do. The patriotic crowd can have their Fourth of July, the tree-huggers can have their Arbor Day, the glutens can have their Thanksgiving, the religious folks can have their Easter, the weekend partiers can have their New Years Eve and everyone else can have their Christmas. I’ve got my St. Patrick’s Day and my whiskey and my stout; I’m happy. Why am I talking to you about this now? Well, the day is exactly one month from today, giving you four weeks to get your shit together and order a t-shirt or, better yet a full on St. Paddy’s day costume like this one so you can celebrate in style. Remember last year? You meant to pick up a shirt or hat showing… Read More »

Get Your Irish On

Yep, it’s March which means stout, Irish whiskey, corned beef and cabbage and lots and lots and lots of green. Whether you like your green on a tee shirt, a pair of flip-flops or beer there will be plenty of it as we get closer to St. Patrick’s Day. As far as I’m concerned, though, you can keep your green beer. The part of whole thing that I look forward to is that it provides a better excuse for me to participate in two of my favorite pastimes – drinking stout and drinking Irish whiskey. That’s not to say that I don’t find plenty of chances to do both through the rest of the year it’s just that in March I feel like I’m part of something when I do. For my stout this year I started with a six pack of Schlafly’s Irish Stout last week. I’m down to… Read More »

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

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Have a safe and happy time tonight, everyone!

Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day – Stout

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What’s the right beer for St. Patrick’s Day? Probably 90% of you said stout and a further 90% of that probably thought of a lovely pint of Guinness. But stout is brewed by almost every brewery in the world and there are many different styles of stout. And what better time to take a look at them than St. Patrick’s Day?

Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day – Should It be Official?

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As you dust off your green plastic bowler hat, shamrock suspenders and leprechaun lapel pin with the flashing eyes take a moment to ask yourself if St. Patrick’s Day should be an official holiday. Guinness says that it should be, at least in the US.

Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day – How to Make Green Beer

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Let’s make some green beer! You’ll need beer, green food coloring and a clear glass.

Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day – Where to Party

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Of course the place to be for St. Patrick’s Day is Dublin. But for those of us that can’t make it won’t have any trouble finding plenty of sources of stout, green and proud Irishness.

Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day – What’s With All the Damn Green?

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Why does this particular Saint’s feast day come with the additional requirement that we all wear green?

Countdown to St. Patrick’s Day – Lifting a Pint with George Killian

First you may be surprised – I know I was – to learn that George is a real man and the beer now brewed by Coors in the US and Heineken in France is based, albeit loosely, on the ale brewed at Mill Park Brewery in Enniscorthy, County Wexford, Ireland.