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Finer with Age?

By , August 9, 2011 in drinking age, schlitz

Twenty-three years old. Halfway between the “doesn’t matter because I had a fake I.D.” milestone of twenty-one and the “doesn’t matter because I’m not quite ‘House of Representatives’ material” milestone of twenty-five (Let’s be honest. I’m holding out for a Senate seat). Despite being in a no man’s land of eligibility, my twenty-third birthday still marks another year under the belt and, as I’m now over a year out of college, I have to accept the fact that my drinking habits may start to change First things first: Coolio is much more relevant. This is extremely important. Whenever I am able to drunkenly convince myself that a rap lyric is even indirectly about me, I pop caps of joy. B.o.B. mentions Decatur? I lived there! Eazy-E talks about 40s? I drank those! Almost exclusively, for a year! Thus, the next time a DJ decides to spin “Gangster’s Paradise” at the… Read More »

Put That Schlitz Where It Belongs!

By , June 27, 2008 in nostalgia, schlitz

The trend of nostalgic beer brands continues with the return of Schlitz beer to its native Milwaukee this week. The beer, now being brewed by Pabst Brewing Co., is based on the original recipe.