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The Vodka Watermelon: A Guide

By , August 29, 2011 in booze, drunk food, party, sangria, Vodka, whiskey

Many readers have been writing in and saying, “Don Julian! You have so much fun all the time! How do you do it? Can you provide a step by step tutorial on how I should do something fun?” And despite the fact that the previous sentence is completely fabricated, I will gladly oblige. Here is a step by step guide on how to make — the staple of many a raucous event — a vodka watermelon. PREP A. Attend a houseparty that has a large watermelon readily available. (NOTE: This is made easier if you’re friends with stupid hipsters. Hipsters have an annoying and inexplicable affinity for fresh produce, and only a stupid person would leave a watermelon in plain site at a house party). B. Eye the watermelon craftily and say, “Hey guys! When was the last time we made a vodka watermelon?”. (NOTE: Everyone will say it’s been… Read More »

Four Stout Cocktails for St. Patrick’s Day

The big day is approaching. While you might feel obligated to grab a Guinness or one of those pints of green beer that started showing up a week or so ago, why not try some stout based beer cocktails this year? Naturally, there’s the classic Black and Tan. Traditionally, the B&T is made with Guinness and Bass. The drink works because pale ale is heavier than stout. If you fill a glass halfway with pale ale then carefully pour stout on top, the stout will literally float on top. Not only does the drink look cool, it’s quite tasty, too. If you try this yourself, you probably want to use a spoon to slow the stout down so it won’t mix with the pale ale. Pouring it over the curved back of the spoon should do the trick. There are tools made for this very purpose which mount on the… Read More »

Illegal Sangria

By , January 28, 2008 in Alcohol Law, sangria

One doesn’t exactly think “clandestine” when mixing sangria but that’s exactly what it is to make the drink in Virginia.