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Seasonal Brews

Fashion is the true king of beers. “This Autumn, It’s AAALLLLL about maple syrup!” says beer fashionista, Pepe Velázquez. He points out a new brew with a truly chic label. “This beer is a pale ale infused with dead leaves. It’s not particularly appetizing, but nowadays who really cares?” Velázquez is a leader in the craft beer movement known as hopheads. According to hopheads beer isn’t about having flavor; it’s about being fabulous. He makes sense of it like this, “Drinking a beer just because you like how it tastes is like waking up in the morning and putting on clothes because they fit you. Beer like an outfit needs to have sass and it needs to have class.” This season dark ales are big as are beers containing exciting flavors like aged pumpkin, acorn squash and maple syrup. Whether or not the flavors are good or not is irrelevant…. Read More »

Craft Beer and Craft Beer Fashion

Craft Beer Drinkers Require a Different Fashion. It’s no secret that the beer industry has been changing rapidly over the past twenty years. In the past, stores only carried traditional American lagers. A guy had his pick from one of several beer giants: Coors, Budweiser and Miller. Occasionally one might find a single six pack from a local microbrewery. Nowadays you can walk into a grocery store and find any of a hundred microbrews from Oregon to Taiwan. While most folks still prefer their traditional American Lagers, it’s not uncommon for your average customer to grab a six pack of craft beers once a month when he’s feeling adventurous or has some extra money in his pocket. Of course that’s your average beer drinker. There’s a whole new breed of consumers treating craft beer with the attention that winos give to wine. These individuals drink craft beer and craft beer… Read More »

OMG! The World’s Strongest…oh, who gives a rat’s ass

By , February 24, 2010 in Beer, microdistillery, whisky

For a long time the seasonal bock, Samiclaus, reigned as the world’s strongest beer with it’s now relatively mundane upper-teens alcohol percentage. Then as extreme beers came into vogue, some barley wines and imperial stouts began flirting with the same numbers. Finally, Sam Adams’s Uptopia galloped past with numbers that reached the twenties. Without distillation, the process of removing water in order to raise the alcohol percentage, this seemed and still seems like about as far as brewers can push things. But that didn’t stop some brewers, whose eyes are perhaps fixed a little too firmly on the numbers, from trying to win the crown as brewers of the world’s strongest beer. The latest holder of that title is BrewDog in Scotland. Now, don’t get me wrong. I like BrewDog. I’ve enjoyed the few beers made by them that I’ve been able to try and I like their approach of… Read More »

Microdistillery of the Year

Malt Advocate, a whisky magazine, has named its pick for the microdistillery of the year. Before I tell you who the honoree is, take a guess where it’s located. Scotland? Ireland? Kentucky? Nope. Nope. And Nope. The big winner for 2008 is Penderyn Distillery in Wales. Who knew there was good whisky made in Wales? Well, besides the Welsh, I suppose. But what’s a microdistillery? This word caught my eye because I’ve been amused to watch the rise and of a similar term – microbrew. Beginning sometime in the 80’s and then getting big in the 90’s were the now virtually unheard of microbrews. Ever wonder what happened to them? Many slipped out of existence thanks to their own success. See, the word micro necessarily implies smallishness. At the time they were making the inescapable comparison between themselves and the evil megabrews – Bud, Miller, Coors. Everyone loves a good… Read More »