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Vegas: Part 2

By , June 2, 2011 in Beer, las vegas, miller lite

Previously on Boozin’ Blog, Vegas: -En route to L.A., our fearless partiers realize there’s nowhere with an open room as it is the weekend of the Billboard Music Awards (We would’ve crashed with Justin Bieber, but I’m still pissed that he stole my haircut and my girl, Selena). -I propose that this is not a problem: We can just party until check-in time tomorrow and try our luck again. -I realize that I have a friend in Vegas who will allow us to sleep on her floor. -We all breathe secret sighs of relief. -We successfully party until 6 a.m. without doing anything but walk aimlessly up and down the strip. Vegas, baby! __________________________________________________________________ Vegas, day two began with possibly the greatest wake-up call ever: A freezing cold cylinder being forced into my frail, near sober hands. “Here. It’ll help.” Our host – or should I say beer angel? –… Read More »

Vegas Part 1: Forever Pre-game

Vegas. The benchmark of epic weekends. The gold standard of bad decisions. And, for better or for worse, just a four-hour drive from my new home in Los Angeles. Only two weeks old in a new city, my brain swarmed with reasons that making the trip might be a huge mistake. Unfortunately, it also provided me with my new go-to rationalization: “Today’s huge mistake is tomorrow’s Boozin’ Blogpost!” Piling into the car with three friends, I was terrified of the night to come. To slather on an extra layer of Irresponsible (which, if you ask me, should taste a little bit like mayonnaise with a hint of Icehouse), we had nowhere to stay. Set to arrive at 2 a.m., the only plan was to party until check-in time the next day… at which point we would hopefully find an affordable hotel. We are very stupid boys. And though we had… Read More »