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Beer and Jazz

By , August 31, 2009 in Beer, jazz

It might not be the most obvious combination. When a lot of people think of jazz they think of the bebop era in the ’50′s or the swing period of the ’40′s, a low point for American beer. In these decades the beer industry was dominated by just a few companies and one would have trouble finding any but one style of beer, light lager. The craft beer renaissance was still years away. Looking back it seems like everyone was drinking martinis and elegantly puffing cigarettes. Okay, so perhaps my image of mid-Twentieth century American culture may be a little off. I’m no sociologist. But I dig jazz and I really dig beer. So I tend to take note with the two come together as they have recently on both coasts. On the west coast we have Brother Thelonious, a Belgian style abbey ale. If you don’t know Thelonious Monk’s… Read More »