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Must Love Dogs

NOTE: Before reading this story, understand that I have no desire, never have had a desire, and never will have a desire to have sexual relations with any animal that does not meet the strict qualifications necessary for membership into the human race. Enjoy! I have an abrasive sense of humor. It pushes the envelope… off a cliff. At the bottom of that cliff, there are sharp rocks and it lets the envelope’s wife and infant children watch as the waves mercilessly toss the envelope from rock to rock, slowly ripping his corpse to shreds. In other words, I sometimes make “no-no” jokes. I have a strict rule, however, of getting to know someone fairly well before I release my more adventurous side. Though I enjoy taboo subjects, I very much do not enjoy making people uncomfortable. Until they become good friends with me, at which point I rarely turn… Read More »

Cold Weather Booze – Whisky and Whiskey

I’m not going to get into the whiskey v. whisky thing again, I think I already stepped deeply enough into that one. But when thinking of cold weather booze I have to mention this beloved brown liquor. When it comes to whiskey, it’s all good – Irish, Scotch or Bourbon. Each one has it’s own tradition and the difference in flavors is remarkable, as much among the three distinct styles as among the various distilleries that make them. I like to keep it simple with whisky. I typically drink it over ice but when I’ve just had enough with the cold, I just add water at about 50/50 proportions. Simple, tasty and warming.bourbon cold weather booze irish scotch whiskey whisky

Get Your Irish On

Yep, it’s March which means stout, Irish whiskey, corned beef and cabbage and lots and lots and lots of green. Whether you like your green on a tee shirt, a pair of flip-flops or beer there will be plenty of it as we get closer to St. Patrick’s Day. As far as I’m concerned, though, you can keep your green beer. The part of whole thing that I look forward to is that it provides a better excuse for me to participate in two of my favorite pastimes – drinking stout and drinking Irish whiskey. That’s not to say that I don’t find plenty of chances to do both through the rest of the year it’s just that in March I feel like I’m part of something when I do. For my stout this year I started with a six pack of Schlafly’s Irish Stout last week. I’m down to… Read More »

The Irish Booze Budget

By , June 23, 2008 in Beer, irish

The Czechs regularly win the distinction of having the highest beer consumption per capita in the world. It’s a standing that they’ve held for years and it doesn’t look like they’re going to be unseated anytime soon. But who spends the most on booze? Turns out that, at least in Europe, it’s the Irish. The average household spends 4.1% of their budget on booze. Compare that to 1.4% in England and 1% to Germany and you get some perspective on just how much this really is. Does this mean that they are drinking a better class of booze or do they drink more of the same stuff that other Europeans? Given that Ireland places second on that beer per capita chart I’d say the latter is more likely. I knew that I loved the Irish for more than just their music!booze irish