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By , February 13, 2012 in Bourbon, Gin, Infusion, Vodka

“Ah, President’s Day. A day off, sales galore, and the glow of confusion on everyone’s faces as they try to figure out just what we’re celebrating. Nothing between us and that staycation but a work week and- OOOOHHH SH*T,  VALENTINE’S DAY!”  If you’ve had this thought or anything remotely like it, then you probably have a significant other who gives a damn about  tomorrow, and you just might have nothing planned. I’m going to be very clear: This blog is not the best place to find romantic advice.  There are sources out there more thorough, more equipped, and actually relevant to last-minute gift ideas. I wholeheartedly suggest you seek out one of the following: A friend in a healthy relationship, a hip parent or sibling, or any website that does not have “Boozin” in the title. Like Google. Just go to Google and type in “Why does my girlfriend hate… Read More »