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Drunk, Counterdrunk: Big Cider

By , February 11, 2012 in anheuser-busch, guinness, inbev

According to E.J. Schultz of, Big Beer is jumping on the cider bandwagon as MillerCoors acquires Crispin Cider Co. and Anheuser-Busch moves to launch a new product under their Ultra umbrella: Michelob Ultra Light Cider. How do I feel about this? I think it could go either way. This is… Drunk, Counterdrunk. Huzzah! Big Cider is an excellent development! Cider has a complicated place in American drinking culture. For many, it carries the same stigma as hard lemonade, but “many” could not be more wrong.  The first time I saw hard lemonade, I was in a basement in high school and two girls were splitting a 6-pack of Mike’s Hard. But the first time I saw hard cider, I was in a bar in college when an enormous, British, terrifying friend of mine shoved a snakebite (Guinness and cider cocktail) in my face.  True, both are alcoholic versions of… Read More »

Must Love Dogs

NOTE: Before reading this story, understand that I have no desire, never have had a desire, and never will have a desire to have sexual relations with any animal that does not meet the strict qualifications necessary for membership into the human race. Enjoy! I have an abrasive sense of humor. It pushes the envelope… off a cliff. At the bottom of that cliff, there are sharp rocks and it lets the envelope’s wife and infant children watch as the waves mercilessly toss the envelope from rock to rock, slowly ripping his corpse to shreds. In other words, I sometimes make “no-no” jokes. I have a strict rule, however, of getting to know someone fairly well before I release my more adventurous side. Though I enjoy taboo subjects, I very much do not enjoy making people uncomfortable. Until they become good friends with me, at which point I rarely turn… Read More »

Comparing Two Big Brewers

By , May 15, 2009 in Beer, guinness, marketing

I’m a snobbish beer geek. I know it; I own it. Therefore I tend to look askance at anything a big brewer does be it Anheuser-Busch, Diego, Miller or Inbev. I always suspect that they are up to something besides making better beer. I’ve softened my view a little in the last couple of years. Obviously someone is drinking these beers and I’ve talked to more than one beer lover who prefers the taste and qualities of a Bud over the latest APA from the local craft brewer. And some of the big brewers have tried – to varying degrees of success – to include themselves in the craft beer movement. The Michelob brand, for instance, made some very decent porter, wheat and pale ale beers last year. But that hasn’t stopped me from looking a little too closely at what the big brewers do to move product. And so… Read More »

A Few Thoughts about Guinness

By , March 13, 2009 in Beer, guinness

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner my mind has been turning to the good black stuff. Guinness is a unique beer brand in that it is so connected to both a country and a holiday. No other beer brand comes close in either respect. Sure, there are a few brands like Corona and Fosters whose marketers have tried to make something of their countries of origin. But even a tagline that we all know like “Australian for beer” can’t approach the relationship between Guinness and Ireland. As well known and loved as is Guinness I’m surprised at how few of its fans realize that there is more than one sort of Guinness. It’s true. In The Brewmaster’s Table Garret Olive says that there are 19 versions of Guinness. It is brewed in 40 countries and sold in 135! For most of us there are two main versions of… Read More »