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By , February 13, 2012 in Bourbon, Gin, Infusion, Vodka

“Ah, President’s Day. A day off, sales galore, and the glow of confusion on everyone’s faces as they try to figure out just what we’re celebrating. Nothing between us and that staycation but a work week and- OOOOHHH SH*T,  VALENTINE’S DAY!”  If you’ve had this thought or anything remotely like it, then you probably have a significant other who gives a damn about  tomorrow, and you just might have nothing planned. I’m going to be very clear: This blog is not the best place to find romantic advice.  There are sources out there more thorough, more equipped, and actually relevant to last-minute gift ideas. I wholeheartedly suggest you seek out one of the following: A friend in a healthy relationship, a hip parent or sibling, or any website that does not have “Boozin” in the title. Like Google. Just go to Google and type in “Why does my girlfriend hate… Read More »

Seven Drinks I’ve Made that You Probably Have No Interest in Trying

I consider myself a novice mixologist. Of course, by “novice”, I mean “terrible”, and by “mixologist”, I mean “person to make your next drink”. This is because of my sense of adventure and complete disregard for recipes. For all the bad, hurtful things you can say about my creations, though, I’ve never made one I didn’t finish myself. So for your reading pleasure, here are seven of my worst: 1. Beer ‘n Wine – Great as a corner store. Terrible as a drink. And just in case you’re giving me the benefit of the doubt, you shouldn’t. This was no Black Velvet (A take on the Black and Tan that replaces the pale ale with champagne). We’re talking one part light beer, one part red wine, two parts grossest vom I’ve ever had. 2. Whiskey Monster – Ooh! This sounds like a fun drink, or at least creatively named! A… Read More »

Bending Elbows With Hillary, Ruddy, and the Rest

By , November 27, 2007 in Beer, Bourbon, Cocktails, Gin, Tequila

If you were going to have Hillary over for drinks what would you serve? If you wanted to buy Ruddy a drink in a bar what would it be? The Boozin’ Blog is here to help.

Gin – A Retraction

By , July 24, 2007 in Gin, Vodka

Is gin coming back? Mixology-minded bartenders are starting to reintroduce drinkers to classic drinks made with gin and specialty flavored gins.

Look Who’s Distilling Now

By , May 28, 2007 in Beer, Bourbon, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Vodka, whiskey

Taking the idea of extreme beer to the logical next step some craft brewers here in the US are trying their hands at distilling.  Even though alcohol and tax laws seem to have been written, at least in part, to make brewing and distilling mutually exclusive endevours, these brewers are willing to wade through the paperwork to see if they can make booze as well they can brew beer. You might think that I’m refering to Sam Adams’s Utopia but this brew remains all beer, that is to say, no distilling is used to bring it to the astronomical ABV of 25.6%.   Typically, the yeast that creates acohol dies off somewhere between 14 and 18% roughly.  It was only through the most careful monitoring of fermentation, use of a very high gravity (meaning, lots of sugar for the yeast to feast upon), and two proprietary yeast strains that the brewers… Read More »