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A Hopefully Slightly Unique Oscars Drinking Game

By , February 26, 2012 in drinking game

As a lover of film, I don’t need a drinking game to get me through the Oscars. As a lover of drinking games, I do. Whether you enjoy the Oscars or not, there’s half a chance you’ll be watching them this afternoon/evening, and whole a chance you’ll be looking for a purposeful way to drink through them. I’ve perused the internet, sifting through the duds and stealing where I could to bring you this, The BoozinGear Patented (not legally, but because I said so), Oscars 2012 Drinking Game: ——————————————————————– As you may know from my Last Minute Super Bowl Drinking Game, it is my stance that viewing games get boring and/or complex, the longer the broadcast goes on, so it’s best to keep them simple. In that vein, I am giving you just three drinking cues: 1. Drink every time there is an awkward cutaway to anyone at all. 2. Drink for… Read More »

Booze – Invention’s creepy uncle

By , January 17, 2012 in Beer, drinking game

You’ve heard the saying “necessity is the mother of invention,” right? I’ve long believed that, if that’s true, then booze must be invention’s father or, at least, it’s weird uncle. How many times have you been out drinking with your buddies when some sort of group think mode sets in and you collectively create the perfect solution to one or another problem? Sure, the next morning it’s probably going to seem perfectly silly but at the time it seems like the most elegant invention of all time. The website seems to be proving me right. If you’re unfamiliar with KickStarter the concept is pretty simple. It’s a site where entrepreneurs can go to seek funding for their business or project ideas. In return for their support, funders are offered tiered prizes based on the amount of the contribution. It’s fun to wander about in the site and see some… Read More »

Excellent Question!

By , December 26, 2011 in drinking game, marketing

I’m going to be honest. This isn’t perfect. It’s not the catch-all, fool-proof answer to all of your bar-hopping problems that I wish it was. But it’s kinda f**kin’ funny and I am an extremely insecure blogger, and to think that you might get your drinking news elsewhere makes me want to storm into your room, pour my beer on your keyboard, and go on a rant about floozies and urls (and hopefully make a dome/domain quip if I’m witty enough). So all that considered, let me tell you where the f**k you should go for drinks. “WHERE THE F**K SHOULD I GO FOR DRINKS” is a new website that asks you to simply provide information on “where the f**k you are” and, in turn, it pops out a random bar in your vicinity along with a map guiding you to the locale. Do you hate the place they’ve suggested?… Read More »

TV Drinking Games – The Top 20 of All Time

By , November 14, 2011 in Administrative, drinking game

TV drinking games are by far the most underrated drinking games of all time. Shows you like are better and shows you don’t like are all of the sudden interesting and hilarious. Of course TV drinking games usually involve about four hundred different rules with one sip, two sip, and finish your beer categories. We’ve gone and solved that by boiling things down to a few simple rules per show, but don’t worry, you’ll still be slurring your favorite TV catch phrases. So turn on your TV. Drinking games begin now. Scrubs – Drink every time JD has a fantasy, Dr. Cox has a rant or Elliott has a nervous breakdown. The Office – Drink anytime you see Michael’s “World’s Greatest Boss” mug, Jim looks at the camera, or something “office-inappropriate” happens. Family Guy – Drink anytime there’s a flashback, a song, or a reference to a TV show that… Read More »

Drinkify: Your Newest Time-waster/Enabler

The hipster, techie, music-snob friend.  Everyone has one, and everyone wishes they didn’t. Until now.  Because if that insufferable, condescending wretch of a friend wasn’t constantly tweeting tweetsh*t (or bulltweet?) about the next cool bla-bla-bla, you would never have heard about The concept is simple: Tell it what you’re listening to.  It’ll tell you what to drink while you listen.  And as the homepage is populated only by an “I’m listening to [BLANK]” prompt next to the “What should I drink?” button, it’s pretty much foolproof.  Once you tell Drinkify what you’re listening to, it whisks you away to another page with random album art, a random song (sometimes) from that artist, and a drink suggestion. Surprisingly, you really can elicit a response for most artists and groups- those with at least a modicum of fame, that is.  Is your friend’s indie cover band on there? No.  Is your… Read More »

A Camping We Will Po (Po)

SHOONK-SHOONK-SHOONK! Summer is a great time for camping. Camping is a great time for drinking. Teenagers know this. Unfortunately for teenagers, cops know this too. Nineteen, cheap, and on summer break from college, my friends and I picked the campsite at the top of the road strategically. If a patrol car came through, we’d see it at the bottom of the hill, hide the alcohol and, at the very worst, be asked to move along for camping without a permit. But by the end of the night, it appeared our woodland party had gone off without a hitch. We’d even played Woods Pong to our hearts’ content and not one of us contracted a disease! Maybe the Keystone Light killed all of the germs we took in. Of course, I can really only say the latter with confidence as this story took place in 2008. I was worried there for… Read More »

Atlanta World Series Of Beer Pong Satellite Tournament

The back room of a bar can be reserved for a lot of things. It can be a place for regulars to escape annoying tourists. It can be a place for dancing or, if you go to the right bars, “special dancing”. And if you’re in the wrong part of town or the 1940’s, it can even be a place to get your craps fix. But on Sunday afternoon at Famous Pub, the back room was reserved exclusively for one thing: a group of people who were much, much better than me at beer pong.’s World Series of Beer Pong (WSOBP) Atlanta Satellite Tournament brought out teams from Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Maryland, and Virginia, each duo vying for a chance to represent in WSOBP VII next January. Now, as someone who spent four years in college pursuing a creative writing degree, I was able to log many hours… Read More »

Bongzilla – The Ultimate Beer Bong

By , October 9, 2009 in Beer, beer bong, drinking game

Are you sick of this? Are you sick of doing a beer bong but wishing you could share the experience with your girlfriend? And two of her friends? And the guys they’re banging? Well now you can! Thanks to Bongzilla! The answer to all of your multi-beer bonging problems. With just the flick of a… To infomercially? How about this: Presenting the Bongzilla. The greatest party invention since pinning the tail on the donkey. Yes friends, with the bongzilla you are not only guaranteed to throw the greatest party in the history of your school, but you will most certainly get some from the hottest looking member of the opposite sex in attendance. Yes, you’ll wonder how you ever got on, before after using the bongzilla… No, that’s too old-school sales-pitchy. Okay, here’s what I’m all worked up about. This new product arrived in the Boozin’ Gear warehouse the other… Read More »

2008 Presidential Debates Drinking Game

By , August 27, 2008 in Beer, Bourbon, drinking game

I like keep it simple:
You’ll need your favorite spirits – I’m going with bourbon – and one shot glass for each player. You’ll also need some six-packs of Bud and Goose Island 312 Urban Whea