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Finer with Age?

By , August 9, 2011 in drinking age, schlitz

Twenty-three years old. Halfway between the “doesn’t matter because I had a fake I.D.” milestone of twenty-one and the “doesn’t matter because I’m not quite ‘House of Representatives’ material” milestone of twenty-five (Let’s be honest. I’m holding out for a Senate seat). Despite being in a no man’s land of eligibility, my twenty-third birthday still marks another year under the belt and, as I’m now over a year out of college, I have to accept the fact that my drinking habits may start to change First things first: Coolio is much more relevant. This is extremely important. Whenever I am able to drunkenly convince myself that a rap lyric is even indirectly about me, I pop caps of joy. B.o.B. mentions Decatur? I lived there! Eazy-E talks about 40s? I drank those! Almost exclusively, for a year! Thus, the next time a DJ decides to spin “Gangster’s Paradise” at the… Read More »

Beerpong after College

By , June 8, 2011 in Beer, Beer Pong, drinking age

I know what you’re thinking. Another post about beer pong? First of all, I’m impressed that you’ve read this far and I understand if you quit following as themes are already being repeated. Second of all, Not! Because I’m attacking it from a totally new angle this time! While I still have much respect for adult professional beer pong players (from what I remember of the Atlanta Satellite WSOBP Tournament, even the girls could’ve beaten the crap outta me), I need to come clean about my position on post-collegiate recreational beer-pong: Recreational beer pong has no place in the life of a college graduate. Say it with me. Beer pong after college is what I imagine sex after forty to be like: Embarrassing, forced, and everyone’s arguing about the rules. First, there’s the preparation. There is no greater shame than for a grown man to buy ping pong balls and… Read More »

Pints of Protest

By , March 26, 2009 in Alcohol Law, drinking age

When I first heard this story it got my dander up. And trust me you don’t want to mess with my dander! Here’s what happened. A group of college kids, all presumably of legal drinking age, staged a protest wherein they marched en masse off campus and to a local bar. There they ordered and drank alcoholic beverages. That’s it. That was the protest – college kids drinking. By those standards the college town I live in is practically in a constant state of riot. These particular students were protesting a rule at their school that prohibits drinking by any student, any time, on or off campus. This is where my dander started to become an issue. How dare they try to prohibit adults from participating in a legal activity? Why if they receive any sort of government funding… And that’s when the light went on in my head. See,… Read More »

Shocking Revelation about College Student Alcohol Consumption

By , December 30, 2008 in Beer, drinking age

They drink. I’m sorry, was that too sudden? I hope I didn’t shock you too much with the amazing news that young adults in their late teens and early twenties consume alcohol. Perhaps I should have given you more warning. I could have suggested that you sit down before going on but statics show that 87.6% of people sit down to read blogs. (The remaining 12.4% of blog readers are sprawled out on the floor or on their couches with a laptop.) Anyway, where was I going? Oh, right, the shocking revelation about alcohol consumption amoung college students. Yup, the revelation is that it exists. But see, some attendees at a recent winter commencement at the University of Wisconsin – Madison weren’t properly warned. Apparently they were so unaware of the fact that college kids enjoy the occasional cocktail or beer that when they were told of this practice in… Read More »

Let Adults Drink

By , August 24, 2008 in Alcohol Law, drinking age

Here in the US there is a national drinking age of twenty-one. This is a rather higher limit than in most other countries and it wasn’t always this high. It also wasn’t national. The drinking age limit is actually set by states. But in a questionable move the Federal government, bowing to pressure from the won’t-someone-think-of-the-children groups, tacked a requirement to highway funds money forcing states to change their age limits or face a 10% cut. In this round-about way the government effective Federalized drinking age limits and 21 has been the national standard for over two decades. And it has been a whopping failure. Having such a high age limit creates another problem. Eighteen is generally the age of adulthood in the US. At eighteen young adults can vote, join the military and serve on juries. Many move out of their parents’ house in their eighteenth year. They’ve graduated… Read More »