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Cheapo of the Seas

College graduation. Tears, laughter, a sense of accomplishment. And what’s that? That’s right: the feeling that someone’s watching you. It’s not your imagination. It’s us, the adult workforce, gleefully welcoming you to our ranks as each and every ounce of happiness begins to slowly, painfully drip from your carcass of a soul… But first, you’ve got a graduation cruise to enjoy! Now, in a perfect world, you received enough graduation money to buy all the drinks you could ever want while sailing from one Caribbean port to the next. But if your reality’s anything like mine was, then you’re flat broke as you spent all of your money on alcohol-themed beach attire (“Yes, your Corona flip-flops make you look distinguished, but I still won’t sleep with you… What? You have a matching Corona towel?! Take me! Take me on your kitschy towel!”). In order to offset the cost of the… Read More »