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Beer Ad Stupidity

By , August 28, 2009 in Beer, coors, marketing

This comes from Canada where the marketing geniuses at Molson Coors got in some hot water over their cold beer campaign. They’ve been promoting the coldness of their beer – a claim that is completely puzzling to anyone with half a brain – and thought that it would be fun poke some fun at their potential consumers. They exploited the reputation of Torotonians as being uptight and put up billboards in Vancouver claiming that Coors is “Colder than most people from Toronto.” Clever. Not only does it get the message across that Coors is cold – I still don’t see where this is a viable claim – plus it shows Coors is so with Vancouver in the apparent East/West rivalry with Toronto. The genius of it all is that the billboards were all in Vancouver; no way anyone from Toronto would ever see them, right? I mean, people in Canada… Read More »