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Drinking Margaritas like a Mexican – Countdown to Cinco de Mayo

By , April 30, 2010 in cinco de mayo, holiday

The ultimate Mexican drink, at least from our perspective from here north of the border, is the margarita. A perfect margarita is a balance of sweet and sour brought together by the distinctive flavor of agave. A well mixed margarita is a beautiful thing to behold, a poorly made one is a shame and should be a firing offense for bartenders. So, you’d better practice up! Here’s how it’s done: Get: tequila triple sec lemon or lime juice sour mix lime for garnish chilled margarita glass, salt the rim if you’re into that kind of thing Pour: 1 1/2 ounce tequila, 1/2 ounce triple sec, a few dashes of the juice and 3 ounces of sour mix into a cocktail shaker. Shake. Serve: The mixture over ice in the margarita glass. Garnish with a lime wedge if you feel like it. For a frozen margarita, take the tequila, triple sec,… Read More »

Drinking Beer like a Mexican – Countdown to Cinco de Mayo

By , April 23, 2010 in cinco de mayo, holiday

There are really only two choices when it comes to Mexican beer styles – light lager and amber lager. You know that most famous of the light lagers – Corona. There are a few others and they all taste about the same. There’s not a lot to say beyond that. The amber lagers are a little bit more interesting. For a while there in the mid/late twentieth century beers like Negro Modelo and Dos Equis Amber were among a very few examples of an otherwise dead beer style known as Vienna Lager. The craft beer renaissance has reversed that but these Mexican amber lagers deserve our respect. With a fizzy profile and sweet flavor, these ambers are popular in texmex restaurants as they pair very will with the spicy, greasy food. Lemons and Limes If you have ever ordered a Mexican beer in a bar or restaurant, chances are it… Read More »

Drinking Like a Mexican – Countdown to Cinco de Mayo

By , April 20, 2010 in cinco de mayo, holiday

Have I told you about my buddy, Dwayne? Probably not since I just made him up. See, Dwayne is an old drinking buddy of mine. He’s great to take along when I go out drinking because I never have to pick up his tab. He also drinks very little so if I find myself enjoying the juice a little too much, he can drive. Also, he asks great, pithy questions that allow me to pull on my vast store of knowledge about alcohol. This is a great topic to be an expert on because the more you and your audience drink, the more credible the bullshit you’re pulling out of your ass seems. It’s of little consequence that Dwayne is entirely fictitious. In fact, it can be quite useful to have an imaginary friend like him at times. Like right now – which is a big reason that I invented… Read More »

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo – Put Mexican Beer Inside You

Often mischaracterized as Mexican Independence Day, Cinco de Mayo has spread well beyond Mexico’s borders and is enthusiastically celebrated here in the US. In the same spirit as St. Patrick’s Day when everyone seems to turn Irish, Cinco de Mayo celbrants in the US seek to embrace the culture of their neighbor to the south and what better way than to drink copious amounts of their beer?