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Seven Drinks I’ve Made that You Probably Have No Interest in Trying

I consider myself a novice mixologist. Of course, by “novice”, I mean “terrible”, and by “mixologist”, I mean “person to make your next drink”. This is because of my sense of adventure and complete disregard for recipes. For all the bad, hurtful things you can say about my creations, though, I’ve never made one I didn’t finish myself. So for your reading pleasure, here are seven of my worst: 1. Beer ‘n Wine – Great as a corner store. Terrible as a drink. And just in case you’re giving me the benefit of the doubt, you shouldn’t. This was no Black Velvet (A take on the Black and Tan that replaces the pale ale with champagne). We’re talking one part light beer, one part red wine, two parts grossest vom I’ve ever had. 2. Whiskey Monster – Ooh! This sounds like a fun drink, or at least creatively named! A… Read More »

No beer at the royal wedding

By , April 28, 2011 in Beer, champagne

If I’m honest, I must admit that I’m sick of hearing about the royal wedding. Two strangers who represent an archaic system and have no responsibilities are being thrown a lavish party at the expense of tax-payers from another country. Nothing about that makes me care. But, for some reason, every media outlet thinks that I should and do care. So, anytime I’ve tried to catch up on the news, I’m served up another steaming pile of crap about the whole ridiculous affair. The only reason that I’m looking forward to the event is that once it happens I won’t have to hear about it any more. For all of that, it’s only been mildly irritating. My remote works quite well and there is nothing forcing me to click on the links to news stories about Kate’s hat collection. I’ve mostly ignored it. That is until this headline popped up… Read More »

Romancing the Booze – Champagne and Sparkling Wine

By , February 12, 2010 in champagne, holiday, Wine

I’m a beer man. I’ll argue all day that beer is just as elegant and refined as any wine you can pull out of your cellar. But I have to admit that when an occasion like St. Valentines Day or an anniversary rolls around, I find myself eyeing the Champagnes in the wine section of my favorite beer store. And I don’t even really like Champagne; don’t get me wrong, I’ll drink a glass or four if offered but I have other drinks that I like a lot better. But there’s something about these significant days that seems to make it so we pop the cork on a bottle of bubbly, or at least wine, right? At the same time, a bottle of Champagne and a box of chocolates is so expected that it’s almost cliché. While I feel compelled to by a bottle of Champagne, I also feel a… Read More »

Champagne – What’s In a Name?

By , December 28, 2008 in champagne, What's In a Name?, Wine

Few drinks are as specifically associated with a holiday or event as Champagne is with New Years Eve. Sales for Champagne and sparkling wine go through the roof in the days before New Years and for many people this is about the only time that they consider it. So with the big day just around the corner I thought a few words about everyone’s favorite bubbly might be in order. First let’s deal with the name of this wine. Champagne is a type of sparkling wine. That is all Champagne is sparkling wine but all sparkling wine is not Champagne. Tradition and European Union law dictate that only sparkling wine made in the Champagne region of France may be called Champagne. This distinction is mostly respected throughout the world although I did once see a wine made in Missouri with Champagne on its label. That particular wine-maker has since changed… Read More »