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Before You Drink…

Here’s an interesting website – Basically it’s a calculator designed to figure your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) based on factors like weight, gender, alcohol consumed and food eaten. It’s easy to use; once you’re on the site you just click to enter the virtual bar where, after entering your vitals, you’re told your BAC as you ‘drink’ a variety of alcoholic beverages. It’s a fun little toy to play with and, since it has a mobile device application, it’s something that one could use to monitor his drinking in real time. But there are a few limitations to its real-world application. For one thing it assumes that every bartender and every bar serves the same amount per drink. They don’t. Another problem is that it assumes a set amount of alcohol for beer, wine and other drinks. The alcohol in beer is set at 5% while there are lots… Read More »

You Need a Personal Breathalyzer

We’ve all been there. You’ve been out for a few hours. You had dinner with wine or a beer; maybe even a cocktail or two. After that you stop at a club and have a few more. But you’ve been pacing yourself. You feel fine but you wonder if there’s a road-block or if you roll through a stop sign and get pulled over if you will get busted for DUI