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“Ah, President’s Day. A day off, sales galore, and the glow of confusion on everyone’s faces as they try to figure out just what we’re celebrating. Nothing between us and that staycation but a work week and- OOOOHHH SH*T,  VALENTINE’S DAY!”  If you’ve had this thought or anything remotely like it, then you probably have a significant other who gives a damn about  tomorrow, and you just might have nothing planned. I’m going to be very clear: This blog is not the best place to find romantic advice.  There are sources out there more thorough, more equipped, and actually relevant to last-minute gift ideas. I wholeheartedly suggest you seek out one of the following: A friend in a healthy relationship, a hip parent or sibling, or any website that does not have “Boozin” in the title. Like Google. Just go to Google and type in “Why does my girlfriend hate… Read More »

Drinkify: Your Newest Time-waster/Enabler

The hipster, techie, music-snob friend.  Everyone has one, and everyone wishes they didn’t. Until now.  Because if that insufferable, condescending wretch of a friend wasn’t constantly tweeting tweetsh*t (or bulltweet?) about the next cool bla-bla-bla, you would never have heard about The concept is simple: Tell it what you’re listening to.  It’ll tell you what to drink while you listen.  And as the homepage is populated only by an “I’m listening to [BLANK]” prompt next to the “What should I drink?” button, it’s pretty much foolproof.  Once you tell Drinkify what you’re listening to, it whisks you away to another page with random album art, a random song (sometimes) from that artist, and a drink suggestion. Surprisingly, you really can elicit a response for most artists and groups- those with at least a modicum of fame, that is.  Is your friend’s indie cover band on there? No.  Is your… Read More »

Cheapo of the Seas

College graduation. Tears, laughter, a sense of accomplishment. And what’s that? That’s right: the feeling that someone’s watching you. It’s not your imagination. It’s us, the adult workforce, gleefully welcoming you to our ranks as each and every ounce of happiness begins to slowly, painfully drip from your carcass of a soul… But first, you’ve got a graduation cruise to enjoy! Now, in a perfect world, you received enough graduation money to buy all the drinks you could ever want while sailing from one Caribbean port to the next. But if your reality’s anything like mine was, then you’re flat broke as you spent all of your money on alcohol-themed beach attire (“Yes, your Corona flip-flops make you look distinguished, but I still won’t sleep with you… What? You have a matching Corona towel?! Take me! Take me on your kitschy towel!”). In order to offset the cost of the… Read More »

Canadian Whisky’s Image Issues

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Did you know that Canadian whisky had an image problem? Neither did I until I spotted this article in the New York Times. As I read the first few sentences, I realized that I have, unconsciously, harbored a dim view of whisky from the north. The article talks about how Canadian whisky is generally viewed as a light mixer without much depth or character; okay for cocktails but kinda weak on it’s own. My unconscious prejudice against the stuff isn’t quite so thoughtful. I just tend to think that it’s not going to be as good. I have no basis for this. One possible explanation is that, living fairly close to Kentucky, I have a strong sense of the tradition of bourbon. I’ve toured some of the distilleries there and dig the history of some of those old distillers. I feel the same way about Scotch, although I’ve never been… Read More »

Getting drunk on election day

If you’re an American and a registered voter, turn off the damn computer (bookmark this blog, first), get up and get your ass to your polling station. Then, per Ry Cooder’s example, stop at the liquor store or bar on the way home. Hey bartender, what you say I’m gonna get drunk on election day! Want one glass of bourbon, one glass rye Come on, set me up, Joe, don’t pas me by -Ry Cooder Part of the November 2010 series of Beer and booze quips, quotes and one-liners

Boozin’ Ads

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My last post was about a beer commercial. This set me off on a time wasting bit of youtube surfing as I watched a bunch of beer commercials. My default position is to bitch about beer ads. The worst are those that are selling a life-style that in no way is realistic or even possible. When I drink a beer the only thing that’s going to happen is that I will feel refreshed, I’ll experience some very pleasant flavors and aromas and I’ll get a little bit buzzed. That’s it. I won’t gain new friends, a party won’t break out, and no pretty young thing is going to suddenly find me more attractive. The best beer ads are the Sam Adams ads. In each ad, there is just a little bit to learn about beer or the brewing process. Jim Koch, while clearly a great promoter and seemingly a little… Read More »

Cold Weather Booze – Whisky and Whiskey

I’m not going to get into the whiskey v. whisky thing again, I think I already stepped deeply enough into that one. But when thinking of cold weather booze I have to mention this beloved brown liquor. When it comes to whiskey, it’s all good – Irish, Scotch or Bourbon. Each one has it’s own tradition and the difference in flavors is remarkable, as much among the three distinct styles as among the various distilleries that make them. I like to keep it simple with whisky. I typically drink it over ice but when I’ve just had enough with the cold, I just add water at about 50/50 proportions. Simple, tasty and warming.bourbon cold weather booze irish scotch whiskey whisky

Operation Jim Beam

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Have you noticed a change in the look of Jim Beam’s bottles? Well, if you haven’t yet you will soon. I usually have a bottle of Jim Beam somewhere in the house. I like bourbon and, while JB isn’t my favorite, it’s certainly affordable and very decently palatable. It’s my ‘every day’ whiskey. For about a month – from Memorial Day to the Fourth of July – Jim Beam bottles will feature the Operation Homefront logo. Now, there was nothing in the email I received about this that mentioned any sort of “proceeds from the sales” sort of situation. Nevertheless, this isn’t some crass bid at patriotism on JB’s part. Besides raising awareness of Operation Homefront with these bottles, JB is also a big contributor. They rank with top contributors according to OH’s website and, according to JB contributed a quarter of a million last year and are on course… Read More »

2008 Presidential Debates Drinking Game

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I like keep it simple:
You’ll need your favorite spirits – I’m going with bourbon – and one shot glass for each player. You’ll also need some six-packs of Bud and Goose Island 312 Urban Whea

A Word about Whisky and Aging

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What does it mean when the label on a bottle of whiskey declares it to be 12 years old?