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Brewchelor’s Degree

By , August 18, 2012 in Beer, bootleg, science

The official summer doesn’t end until September 21st, but that means nothing for most of us. Summer is done when school starts. Whether you’re ushering kiddies off to middle school (bless you), about to start your final year of college (f*** you), or somewhere in between (I feel you), that summer buzz dies when the first bell rings. But what if it didn’t? What if back-to-school was just a time to continue the party, or at least the science behind the party? For anyone lucky and bold enough to pursue a degree in fermentation science, this fantasy is the reality. After dabbling in three rounds of my own homebrew (IPA, Dubbel, Porter, in case you’re wondering), I can’t say I haven’t itched to test and grow my knowledge in a classroom setting, but three things are keeping my silly dreams at bay: 1. I’m already living out one set of… Read More »

Vodka through a Really Long Straw

By , September 23, 2008 in bootleg, Vodka

Estonian police have arrested a ruthless gang of vodka smugglers. The cabal of Russian and Estonian criminals was sneaking hundreds of gallons of vodka across the border from Russia to Estonia via an underwater pipe. My first thought when I saw this story was how good could it be after going through those pipes? I can’t find any details about the quality of the plumping but almost any possibility that I can come up with leaves me wanting to rinse out my mouth. Were they old, forgotten pipes that once had a legitimate use? If so can you image the filth that the vodka would have picked up? OK, maybe they were new. A PVC pipeline would have been glued together giving the already bad brew a glue-ee taste. What about metal? There we have the possibility of lead from any joints that had to be joined together. Turns out… Read More »