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Bock – What’s In a Name

By , March 31, 2009 in bock, What's In a Name?

Here in my hemisphere spring has arrived. The spring showers have begun, the early flowers are in bloom and I’m looking around for a bock. For me bocks are the ultimate spring-time beer – and not just Maibock. I love a good, rich bock with its strong malt backbone and nice lager smack; something about it just says spring to me. Sadly my local beer store doesn’t stock good German-brewed bock beer but I will surely track some down before the season is ended. But this is a What’s in a Name entry so let’s get to it. There are a lot of fun little stories that attempt to explain the meaning behind the name of this beer. That could be because so many other German beer style names are starkly utilitarian. Take Hefe Weizen, for instance. The parts of the name of that beer describe exactly what’s in it…. Read More »