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Brewchelor’s Degree

By , August 18, 2012 in Beer, bootleg, science

The official summer doesn’t end until September 21st, but that means nothing for most of us. Summer is done when school starts. Whether you’re ushering kiddies off to middle school (bless you), about to start your final year of college (f*** you), or somewhere in between (I feel you), that summer buzz dies when the first bell rings. But what if it didn’t? What if back-to-school was just a time to continue the party, or at least the science behind the party? For anyone lucky and bold enough to pursue a degree in fermentation science, this fantasy is the reality. After dabbling in three rounds of my own homebrew (IPA, Dubbel, Porter, in case you’re wondering), I can’t say I haven’t itched to test and grow my knowledge in a classroom setting, but three things are keeping my silly dreams at bay: 1. I’m already living out one set of… Read More »

Pints of Positivity

By , August 15, 2012 in Beer

2012: An election year, and the supposed end of the world. You’re bound to find some articles with titles like “12 Real Signs of the Apocalypse” or “7 Pieces of Legislation [Candidate] Has Passed That Will Make it Legal to Kick You in the Nuts”. Frankly, it can all be very depressing and, even worse, repetitive. So considering all the negativity running around our newsfeeds, it’s nice to see that the beer world has kept things positive. Without further ado… 3 Ways Beer Is Still Awesome 1. Craft beer is on the upswing. According last week’s press release from The Brewer’s Association (via BrewPulse), “ Dollar sales [for small and independent craft brewers] were up 14 percent in the first half of 2012, while volume of craft brewed beer sold jumped 12 percent during that same time period.” This is excellent news! Despite “this economy”, people are still coming out… Read More »

Eco-Friendly Empties

It may surprise you to find out that I am a passive environmentalist. I’m not out chaining myself to corrupt corporations or holding one of those annoying clipboards on a street corner, but I do very much love recycling. It’s one of those things that leaves a feel-good buzz of productivity while requiring little no energy on my part. Me:   “Where should I put this bottle?” You: “In that brown paper bag.” Me:   “Done.” You: “YOU’RE A SAINT!” Much of the time, I limit my save-the-earth activities to those that can be done with a flick of the wrist, but every now and then something sustainable comes along and, while it requires work on my part, the final product is pretty frickin’ cool, so I give in. Which brings me to “beer bottle beer glasses”. Last week, while hopping around the internet, educating myself on the state of beer, I… Read More »

“Today’s Beer Geek”: John Smith Strikes Back

By , May 1, 2012 in Beer

The highest honor a blogger can receive occurs when something you’ve found on the internet turns around and finds you. Of coursel, there are probably actual awards out there that are more honorable, but I don’t see them coming my way any time soon so we’ll settle! As you may or may not remember, I posted about 5 weeks ago about a series of viral videos that poked fun at- as the video itself calls them- “Today’s Beer Geek”. It’s a clever little series that seems to have one unifying message: “Quit getting so high-and-mighty about your beer, people.” A few days ago, I was delighted to find that the creator of these videos, under his pseudonym “John Smith”, left a thorough explanation of each of the videos (including 2 new ones: along with a bit on why he made the videos to begin with. (UPDATE: He copied and pasted… Read More »

How to Drink Beer… Knowledgeably

By , March 3, 2012 in Beer, beer history

I’ve mentioned BeerAdvocate before. I love to read from them, reference them, and- most often; most proudly- steal from them. But tonight, I just want to share. In my search for beer topics worth writing about, I procrastinated my way into literature on tasting and reviewing beer. It’s embarrassing how often I find myself and other beer-loving friends with difficulty in describing a beer: Me: “Oooh, that’s my favorite!” You: “Yeah, what’s it taste like?” Me: “It’s really hoppy! I like hops!” You: “Um… so what does that mean?” Me: “It’s like… well, it’s kinda bitter? And it’s…” And then I jump through the nearest window. The point is that I drink beer often enough (and I’m sure you do, too) that we should be able to speak about it in an educated way. This means knowing proper protocol for tasting a beer, proper protocol for describing a beer (including… Read More »

Drunk, Counterdrunk: Pong Beer

By , March 3, 2012 in Administrative, Beer, Beer Pong

A couple weeks ago, the internet was abuzz with the debut of Pong Lite, a beverage modeled after some of our favorite cheap beers and unapologetically targeted at binge-drinking collegiates (or those who party like them). Is this a good thing: An upstart company makin’ a little swill skrill in a market previously dominated by Keystone, Miller, Bud, Busch, and Natty (aka MillerCoors, MillerCoors, InBev, InBev, and InBev)? Or is it a thinly veiled and uncreative attempt to sell a product by exploiting destructive drinking habits? This is… Drunk, Counterdrunk. It’s honest; it’s cheap; it’s a small-ish brewery. Let’s drink. No hate for The Man. Honestly. Craft beer is great (drinking an excellent Stone Levitation Ale as we speak), but we’ve also dedicated plenty of dollars to purchasing cheap beer made by… the companies who make all of the cheap beer. It’s unique and intriguing for a smaller brewery- Jones Brewing… Read More »

Beer Run

By , February 29, 2012 in Administrative, Beer

Beer and running have always had somewhat of an unspoken, cosmic connection. From ridiculous Hash House Harriers to ridiculous beer milers, people who willingly mix beer and running are consistently ridiculous. Which is why I proudly count myself among them. My coordinated beer and running resume includes a beer mile, a normal marathon, and even a “so stupid, even I’m surprised I did it” 24-24-24 (24 beers drank and 24 miles run in a 24-hour period). But I’m not telling you all this because I think it’s impressive (On the contrary, I know it’s disappointing to family members and, at this point, boring to friends.) I just wanted to help you understand why I am so very excited for the Boston Beer Company’s newest project: 26.2 Brew. The brewery responsible for Sam Adams and almost nothing else is repping it’s Beantown roots by being the first alcoholic beverage to sponsor… Read More »

Free beer – It’s really possible

By , February 3, 2012 in Beer

You’ve probably seen those ads, usually written copy, where some shithead marketer entitles the piece “Free beer!” Then he launches his pitch with “Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about anything but free beer. This isn’t that. This is really about free beer. It’s available, people! It’s really out there and I know how to get it. Over the next few days I’ll be sharing with you the strategies that I’ve found over the years to get free beer. Some are easy and some take real commitment but in the end you will have free beer. First, though, let’s talk about what free beer means. It means beer that you don’t pay cash for. Most of these strategies will require that you spend time but not money. Got it? Good. Probably the easiest way to score free beer is to take a brewery tour. I have toured dozens… Read More »

Dammit, Starbucks (Update)

By , January 29, 2012 in Beer, Restaurants, Starbucks

This is a continuation of the events discussed in  my post about Starbucks rolling out beer and wine in Atlanta (and L.A. and Chicago). You can read the original post here. Though I have many friends- oodles, thousands, bushels; measure them how you like- very few participate actively in my Boozin’ Blogging. Thankfully, my dear friend Rob isn’t as chronically passive as so many of you.  Other friends, the gauntlet has been thrown. A few days ago, Rob alerted me to a dicussion in the Beeradvocate* forum where beer-lovers were discussing the alcoholic additions to Starbucks. As with any internet forum, much of the discussion descends into circular, mindnumbing argument about barely relevant tangents, in this case the value you get when you buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks (My favorite line: After one user explained the itemized costs that go into a Starbucks cup of coffee, he boasts,”Ask… Read More »

Gluten-free beer…or not

By , January 17, 2012 in Beer

You know what celiac disease is, right? People who suffer from it are basically allergic to gluten, a protein that’s found in lots of grains, including barley. That’s why in the last few years there’s been a growing line of gluten-free beers available. Brewers of all stripes from Anheuser-Busch to Dogfish Head to small regional brewers are making gluten-free beer. The challenge has been finding a good replacement for barley. Malted barley is one of the most basic ingredients of beer so taking it out of the recipe can be challenging. Sorghum is a poplar alternative but the resulting beer just doesn’t quite taste like beer. Even so, it’s better than nothing. Beer lovers with celiac disease have been glad to see the growing number of gluten free beers on the market. They don’t have quite the same selection as regular barley beer in terms of style and quality. However,… Read More »