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Drunk, Counterdrunk: Pong Beer

By , March 3, 2012 in Administrative, Beer, Beer Pong

A couple weeks ago, the internet was abuzz with the debut of Pong Lite, a beverage modeled after some of our favorite cheap beers and unapologetically targeted at binge-drinking collegiates (or those who party like them). Is this a good thing: An upstart company makin’ a little swill skrill in a market previously dominated by Keystone, Miller, Bud, Busch, and Natty (aka MillerCoors, MillerCoors, InBev, InBev, and InBev)? Or is it a thinly veiled and uncreative attempt to sell a product by exploiting destructive drinking habits? This is… Drunk, Counterdrunk. It’s honest; it’s cheap; it’s a small-ish brewery. Let’s drink. No hate for The Man. Honestly. Craft beer is great (drinking an excellent Stone Levitation Ale as we speak), but we’ve also dedicated plenty of dollars to purchasing cheap beer made by… the companies who make all of the cheap beer. It’s unique and intriguing for a smaller brewery- Jones Brewing… Read More »

A Camping We Will Po (Po)

SHOONK-SHOONK-SHOONK! Summer is a great time for camping. Camping is a great time for drinking. Teenagers know this. Unfortunately for teenagers, cops know this too. Nineteen, cheap, and on summer break from college, my friends and I picked the campsite at the top of the road strategically. If a patrol car came through, we’d see it at the bottom of the hill, hide the alcohol and, at the very worst, be asked to move along for camping without a permit. But by the end of the night, it appeared our woodland party had gone off without a hitch. We’d even played Woods Pong to our hearts’ content and not one of us contracted a disease! Maybe the Keystone Light killed all of the germs we took in. Of course, I can really only say the latter with confidence as this story took place in 2008. I was worried there for… Read More »

Beerpong after College

By , June 8, 2011 in Beer, Beer Pong, drinking age

I know what you’re thinking. Another post about beer pong? First of all, I’m impressed that you’ve read this far and I understand if you quit following as themes are already being repeated. Second of all, Not! Because I’m attacking it from a totally new angle this time! While I still have much respect for adult professional beer pong players (from what I remember of the Atlanta Satellite WSOBP Tournament, even the girls could’ve beaten the crap outta me), I need to come clean about my position on post-collegiate recreational beer-pong: Recreational beer pong has no place in the life of a college graduate. Say it with me. Beer pong after college is what I imagine sex after forty to be like: Embarrassing, forced, and everyone’s arguing about the rules. First, there’s the preparation. There is no greater shame than for a grown man to buy ping pong balls and… Read More »

Atlanta World Series Of Beer Pong Satellite Tournament

The back room of a bar can be reserved for a lot of things. It can be a place for regulars to escape annoying tourists. It can be a place for dancing or, if you go to the right bars, “special dancing”. And if you’re in the wrong part of town or the 1940’s, it can even be a place to get your craps fix. But on Sunday afternoon at Famous Pub, the back room was reserved exclusively for one thing: a group of people who were much, much better than me at beer pong.’s World Series of Beer Pong (WSOBP) Atlanta Satellite Tournament brought out teams from Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Maryland, and Virginia, each duo vying for a chance to represent in WSOBP VII next January. Now, as someone who spent four years in college pursuing a creative writing degree, I was able to log many hours… Read More »

The Beer Pong Virus – This Time They’re Serious

By , October 19, 2009 in Beer, Beer Pong

You probably remember a few months ago when every news organization on the planet was fooled for a day by a spoof report that blamed beer pong for the spread of STDs on college campuses. Well, this time it doesn’t seem like a joke. The big worry now is swine flu – you know, that flu bug with a nasty name that is, therefore, more dangerous. It seems that after playing beer pong one weekend a handful of students caught the bug so the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is asking students to knock it off. So what’s the answer? How can we keep the pong going but protect ourselves from the H1N1 virus? How about a drop of hand sanitizer in each glass? Personally, I hate this stuff. I’d rather find the nearest bathroom if I feel I need a wash. But in little cups of beer could it be that… Read More »

Beer Pong National Tour

By , July 17, 2009 in Beer Pong

As you know we love our beer pong here at the Boozin’ Blog. So we were excited to hear about the beer pong national tour sponsored by the same folks who put on the annual World Series of Beer Pong (WSOBP). The 2009 BPONG Tour is in conjunction master tailgater Jay DiEugenio, The TailGate Guy. The tour will feature beer pong tables set up next to Jay’s encampments at sports events across the nation. Besides just being a chase to play beer pong, the tour will offer entrents the chance to win paid entrance to the WSOBP this January. The tour kicks off at the end of this month at Seafair in Seattle and will run until the WSOBP. You can get more information about the tour at BPONG’s pong world series of beer pong wsobp

Don’t Blame Beer Pong for the Stupid Decisions People Make

By , May 7, 2009 in Beer, Beer Pong

Remember a few weeks ago when that fake news story about herpes and beer pong was misinterpreted as real? Suddenly everyone was talking about how beer pong players were at risk of catching any number of VDs from their sport. Well, we now know that one isn’t at significantly higher risk of catching a disease from lofting ping pong balls into cups of beer but there is a chance of death. Yup, death. A recent game of Beirut led to a fatal shooting when Joseph B. Jimenez and Scott Riley began arguing. It’s not clear what point of the game they argued over. Nevertheless, they wound up in a nearby alley where they continued to argue and, finally, Jimenez, pulled a gun and shot Riley in the throat. Over beer pong. Beer pong. It would be pointless for me to call this absolutely stupid. No doubt we all agree on… Read More »

Is there REALLY Bacteria on my Ball?

By , March 5, 2009 in Beer, Beer Pong

When I first saw this story about the Center for Disease Control warning against the spread of herpes caused by beer pong it just seemed a little silly to me. Now it’s a confirmed hoax. .cc_box a:hover .cc_home{background:url(‘’) !important;}.cc_links a{color:#b9b9b9;text-decoration:none;}.cc_show a{color:#707070;text-decoration:none;}.cc_title a{color:#868686;text-decoration:none;}.cc_links a:hover{color:#67bee2;text-decoration:underline;} The Colbert ReportMon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Beer Pong Herpes Outbreak Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical Humor

Beer Pong World Champions

By , January 5, 2009 in Beer, Beer Pong

The tables are folded up, the leftover beer dumped out and the floors mopped. This year’s World Series of Beer Pong is over and a new champion reigns. The team Smashing Time dominated the competition and walked away with $50,000 in prize money and lifetime bragging rights. Smashing Time is Ron Hamilton and Michael Popielarski, both of New York. Hamilton talked to the AP and said that his goals were “getting real drunk and my partner not missing, and us coming out and proving we’re the best.” Apparently he accomplished all three goals. This is the fourth year the WSOBP has been held and it shows no sign of slowing down. Sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon, it attracted more than 400 teams this year. Also, and I’m not sure how this missed my attention, but there’s a new documentary out about beer pong called “Last Cup: Road to the World… Read More »

This Might Be the Most Important Vote of Your Lifetime

By , October 23, 2008 in Beer, Beer Pong

No doubt the results will affect many of us deeply once the votes are counted and the nation – even the world – has to find a way to deal with the outcome. I mean, this must be decided – is it called beer pong or Beirut? A poll has been put up at to resolve this most important issue. Sure, Beirut has a classy flare but beer pong has a beautiful sort of utilitarianism. And this isn’t the only dispute that this poll seeks to resolve. It also addresses issues such as 6 cup vs. 10 or 12, bounce rules, body parts on tables, and can girls blow out spinning balls. These are indeed important issues. OK, so this will resolve nothing. The poll has been up for a while now with about one quarter of the votes going to Beirut and the rest going for beer pong…. Read More »