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AMERICAN (craft beer week)

Welcome, all, to American Craft Beer Week! I’m a day late on this announcement, but only because the internet was a day late on drawing my attention to this news. According to, the official home of American Craft Beer Week (ACBW) … ACBW will be recognized May 14 – 20, 2012 and offers an exciting opportunity for small and independent craft brewers and the community of better beer retailers to celebrate the ever advancing beer culture here in the U.S. Plus, tens of thousands of today’s beer beginners, beer enthusiasts, and hard core beer geeks make time to toast the week. What the f**k did I tell you last week? Drinkers- especially those of beer- looove to celebrate things. Can’t say they’re reaching for it in this case, either. Though I once worshipped the cheap stuff, smaller breweries with more complex- and admittedly slightly pricier- beers have held my hand along the transformation… Read More »

How to Drink Beer… Knowledgeably

By , March 3, 2012 in Beer, beer history

I’ve mentioned BeerAdvocate before. I love to read from them, reference them, and- most often; most proudly- steal from them. But tonight, I just want to share. In my search for beer topics worth writing about, I procrastinated my way into literature on tasting and reviewing beer. It’s embarrassing how often I find myself and other beer-loving friends with difficulty in describing a beer: Me: “Oooh, that’s my favorite!” You: “Yeah, what’s it taste like?” Me: “It’s really hoppy! I like hops!” You: “Um… so what does that mean?” Me: “It’s like… well, it’s kinda bitter? And it’s…” And then I jump through the nearest window. The point is that I drink beer often enough (and I’m sure you do, too) that we should be able to speak about it in an educated way. This means knowing proper protocol for tasting a beer, proper protocol for describing a beer (including… Read More »

R-R-R-REEEEMIX… ing Beer with Liquor

I remember fondly the first time I used beer as a mixer. Okay, that’s a lie, but I do believe it was three or four years ago and it involved vodka, Milwaukee’s Best, and a desire to be classy enough for cocktails, but not classy enough for anything that remotely resembled a cocktail (Though I’m sure there was a whole lot of fondness going on). Philistine as my attempts have been — from “vodkabeer” to sake bombs and all the way to my love affair with a little thing called Whiskaliburr – beer cocktails need not always conjure thoughts of binge drinking, poor choices, and puke. On the contrary, they can be artisanal, technical, and — most surprisingly — enjoyable! In fact, on January 3rd, with the very mission of spreading this message,, went live. A collaboration between a number of mixologists and beer academics, the website aims to share… Read More »

Beer Ads Are Lying To You

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Do not be alarmed. They are still based mostly in truth. Beer will surround you with babes. It will make everything more fun. And, of course, it will make you look like a male model (the cool ones that high-five and watch football, not the condescending ones that make you feel bad for not knowing the difference between a cardigan and a pants). But according to new research conducted by Australians (if you’re imagining a kangaroo in a lab coat, you aren’t alone), for a certain beer niche, there is a much more serious discrepancy between advertisement and reality. Low-gluten and gluten-free beers are alternatives created to accommodate the needs of those with celiac disease and other gluten intolerances. According to this study, gluten-free beers pose no problem to those afflicted, but beers advertised simply as low-gluten “may still contain symptom-inducing levels of gluten”. The science behind all this involves words like “hordein” (if you’re… Read More »

The History of Beer

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The history of beer found in most places is long, wordy, and pretentious. What we have here is a concise and friendly guide to the history of beer, fit for reading on a coffee break. Of course if you want to read the full chronology we recommend Ian Horney’s book, A History of Beer and Brewing. It ain’t cheap but if you’re serious it’s worth buying. Meanwhile here’s a guide for the rest of us who’d like to be a little savvier but would rather drink beer than read a textbook about it. Brewing beer is an ancient tradition that began almost 10,000 years ago. Back then beer was a sludgy, rancid concoction akin to oatmeal.  It was really just food with alcohol in it, like a sloshy rum cake. The recipe was meant to keep grain from going bad, so that people could eat in the winter. The first… Read More »