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Eco-Friendly Empties

It may surprise you to find out that I am a passive environmentalist. I’m not out chaining myself to corrupt corporations or holding one of those annoying clipboards on a street corner, but I do very much love recycling. It’s one of those things that leaves a feel-good buzz of productivity while requiring little no energy on my part. Me:   “Where should I put this bottle?” You: “In that brown paper bag.” Me:   “Done.” You: “YOU’RE A SAINT!” Much of the time, I limit my save-the-earth activities to those that can be done with a flick of the wrist, but every now and then something sustainable comes along and, while it requires work on my part, the final product is pretty frickin’ cool, so I give in. Which brings me to “beer bottle beer glasses”. Last week, while hopping around the internet, educating myself on the state of beer, I… Read More »

Tailgating Etiquette

By , June 8, 2009 in beer gifts, tailgating

Tailgate hands free and bring your own booze into the game with the Boozin’ Bag – Click here. To call tailgating a subculture might be overstating it a little. But there is no denying that within the world of tailgating there is a certain set of manners that apply only during tailgating and nowhere else. Especially in today’s increasingly isolated society, tailgating has become a last refuge of the social animal. Tailgaters relish drifting from party to party. Chatting it up with former strangers who share a passion for the same sports team, musical group, or Best Buy sale, depending on what event is being tailgated, is one of life’s great joys. This open society encourages people to sample the grilling acumen of the fellow tailgaters. There is also a relatively free sharing of booze from beer to alcopops to wine. But even within the nearly communal nature of the… Read More »

Pondering the Beer Business

By , December 21, 2007 in Beer, beer gifts

Who’s the superior brewer; the one that makes great beer and almost accidently sells it or the good-enough brewer that knows how to market his beer?

Countdown to Christmas – Beer Magazines

By , November 25, 2007 in Beer, beer gifts

Stumped about what to get your favorite beer lover or booze hound? Well, of course the top of our list here at is reserved for branded beer gear. But if you’re looking for something else maybe a beer magazine is just the thing.