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The Case of the Visible Beer Pong Players

By , July 29, 2010 in Beer, beer bong

It all started back in college, as do most stories about beer pong. Apparently, Scott Tipton and Christopher Kolb were pretty good beer pong players. Good enough that a Danish film crew wanted to catch their mad skills on tape and use the footage in a Carlsberg commercial. Tipton and Kolb agreed but only on the condition that the commercial never air outside of Denmark. Apparently, the Internet phenomenon had escaped their attention. You might be wondering why they would want their pong playing powers to be kept secret. Tipton, a law student, was afraid that potential employers and his conservative grandparents to see it. Because, apparently, law firms and grandparents are unaware that college kids drink beer and play beer pong. So, the agreements were made and the commercial shot. That should have been the end of that. And it was until Kevin Nealon had to stick his nose… Read More »

Bongzilla – The Ultimate Beer Bong

By , October 9, 2009 in Beer, beer bong, drinking game

Are you sick of this? Are you sick of doing a beer bong but wishing you could share the experience with your girlfriend? And two of her friends? And the guys they’re banging? Well now you can! Thanks to Bongzilla! The answer to all of your multi-beer bonging problems. With just the flick of a… To infomercially? How about this: Presenting the Bongzilla. The greatest party invention since pinning the tail on the donkey. Yes friends, with the bongzilla you are not only guaranteed to throw the greatest party in the history of your school, but you will most certainly get some from the hottest looking member of the opposite sex in attendance. Yes, you’ll wonder how you ever got on, before after using the bongzilla… No, that’s too old-school sales-pitchy. Okay, here’s what I’m all worked up about. This new product arrived in the Boozin’ Gear warehouse the other… Read More »