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Bud Light Golden Wheat Takes over SNL

By , October 20, 2009 in Administrative

Did you see the big ad buyout of Saturday Night Live this week? Anheuser-Busch Inbev bought up all of the national advertising on SNL to push their new Bud Light Golden Wheat. The ads ranged from the standard look-at-this-lovely-glass-of-beer-now-go-buy-one tactic to little ad-skits that implied Bud Light Golden Wheat is the result of a giant bottle of Bud Light banging a shock of wheat in an elevator. But the placement was most clever. The Tivo/DVD world of TV with which advertisers have been struggling with for years has left many stymied. Even something as allegedly funny as a bottle of beer boinking lady wheat isn’t going to keep most viewers from punching the skip ahead button. So, ABI did a smart thing. At each ad break they played one very short commercial for their new beer. Then they used the rest of the national ad air time to pull dress… Read More »

Taking a Second Look at Sake

By , January 4, 2009 in Administrative

The last time I had sake was probably a lot like the last time you had sake, hot out of little clay cups with a big plate a sashimi. It turns out that there is a lot more this Japanese drink than that steaming cup of something that we’ve become used to. Like bad beer is only palatable when ice-cold, bad sake is best masked by serving it steaming. This doesn’t mean that all sake served hot is bad. Apparently sake can be good warm or cold but the very best sakes are served cold and in a glass. Sake has been enjoying increasing sales in the US recently. Over the last 5 years sales have jumped 14% per year, impressive by anyone’s standards. There are a couple of reasons. First has been an increase in the popularity of Asian cuisine. Second sake’s popularity has been declining in Japan so… Read More »

Welcome to the Boozin’ Blog

By , March 29, 2007 in Administrative

Welcome one and all to the Boozin’ Blog – in appreciation for the beer and liquor that we all enjoy. If you’re a fan (like we are), then check back often for industry news, reviews, and stories surrounding the world of drinking. We’ll take an unbiased look at a variety of booze related information geared for the everyday enthusiast. Read more about us here. Otherwise, read, enjoy, and feel free to jump in with your two cents whenever you get the urge. Cheers!