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Drinking Songs

By , September 23, 2012 in Administrative

File these two under “beer drinkers are pretty f***in’ cool”. First, Deschutes Brewery, a craft brewer from Bend, Oregon, is no stranger to culture. They’ve produced this short film about two hipsters roadtripping through Oregon “from Black Butte to Mirror Pond to Green Lakes”, all incidentally landmarks that their beers are named after. Their proudest namesake, however, is the Deschutes, a majestic central Oregon river that the people at the brewery are dedicated to conserving. In their latest effort, they’re rounding up indie artists to record and produce covers of river songs on the river itself. First up is Eric D. Johnson of The Fruit Bats with his rendition of The Byrds’ “Ballad of Easy Rider”. [via DraftMag] There are more Deschutes River Recordings on the horizon, but if you can’t wait for your beer-inspired ballads, check out this original diddy from Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers, a San Francisco “rock/country/soul”… Read More »

Brew’s News

By , August 30, 2012 in Administrative

Tampa’s in the news this week! Hm? Not sure what an “RNC” is and I don’t believe in hurricanes, but SweetWater Brewing Co., Atlanta’s favorite beer factory, has announced a trek south as it expands to Tampa and Orlando this fall. BeerPulse reports that SweetWater’s flagship pale ale, 420, will be rolling out on Tampa taps in October and Orlando’s in November. IPA and Blue will later follow suit, and each will be available in 6-pack. This is all thanks to the brewery’s “new 250-barrel brew house and the addition of a slew of fermentation tanks.” And since we’re focusing locally, it’s worth noting to all Atlanta readers that Sweetwater’s new rye IPA, “LowRYEder”, will be kicking off next Saturday, September 8th with a launch party and car show. If I were in the ATL, I’d be there (not that I’m a huge car fan; I just miss The George… Read More »

Beer 2.0

By , July 30, 2012 in Administrative

Remember back in October when I shared the fun, but ultimately useless website, WhereTheF***ShouldIGoForDrinks (blogpost here, website here)? Well, beer-loving hackers are at it again as two brew-friendly geek endeavors have gone public in the past week. 1. Pubdar In many ways, Pubdar is similar to WTFSIGFD. It’s British and not too practical, but potential for loads of fun. The mobile app (by Google Play developer, Pinecone) is extremely simple: activate the app (available only for Android at press time) and a green diamond against a red brick facade locks on and points to the closest pub to your current location. If you’re not feeling that bar (the app also tells you the name of the chosen watering hole), you can hit “Next pub” and the app will point to the next closest. PROS: -Unlike WTFSIGFD, this an app instead of a website, and actually useful while “in the field”…. Read More »

JD: Nice Guy

By , July 25, 2012 in Administrative

You don’t need it. You probably don’t even want it. But I’m here today with a new reason to drink Jack Daniel’s! Apparently, they’re nice guys? In a July 23rd Businessweek article by Claire Saddath, it was revealed that, when it comes to trademark violations, Jack Daniel’s is actually pretty easy-going. This is especially surprising as they get ripped off all the time. Anyone who’s been on a college campus in the past ten years will remember seeing a multitude of greek organization–or even academic club–t-shirts riffing on the iconic black and white logo. In the article, David Gooder, managing director of the chief trademark counsel for Jack Daniel’s, has a refreshing take on handling violations: “We get so many infringement situations a year, and we look at each of them separately. We don’t have a standard approach to them; we just do what we think is the most fair…. Read More »

Eco-Friendly Empties

It may surprise you to find out that I am a passive environmentalist. I’m not out chaining myself to corrupt corporations or holding one of those annoying clipboards on a street corner, but I do very much love recycling. It’s one of those things that leaves a feel-good buzz of productivity while requiring little no energy on my part. Me:   “Where should I put this bottle?” You: “In that brown paper bag.” Me:   “Done.” You: “YOU’RE A SAINT!” Much of the time, I limit my save-the-earth activities to those that can be done with a flick of the wrist, but every now and then something sustainable comes along and, while it requires work on my part, the final product is pretty frickin’ cool, so I give in. Which brings me to “beer bottle beer glasses”. Last week, while hopping around the internet, educating myself on the state of beer, I… Read More »

5 Slurpable Cocktails

By , July 16, 2012 in Administrative

The week after July 11th (National Free Slurpee Day) is a melancholy one. Those of us who partook are lamenting the fact that a gratis frozen slush drink no longer awaits us, and those of us who missed it- well, I don’t think I need to spell out the tragedy there. But we at BoozinGear are advocates of forward-thinking! Do not grieve lost opportunity. Let it inspire! Say, “How can I do better? How can I one-up my fleeting romance with complimentary, icy, sugary gloop?” The answer is simple: make it boozy. The only thing better than a free slurpee? A cheap slurpee with a kick. With two months of summer left, you’ve got plenty of time to mix and match your favorite beat-the-heat (and beat-the-sober) brain-freezers, but here are a few ideas to go with my 5 favorite flavors. Bone Slurpateet! ~Don Julian 1. Coke F**k variety. F**k your… Read More »

Soberin’ Down the River

By , July 10, 2012 in Administrative

Ladies and Gentleman of the Booze-o-sphere, A great tragedy of misinformation has come to my attention and it is my duty as a peddler of knowledge to dispel the toxic rumors surrounding New Braunfels, Texas. You may still drink beer in the river. According to CBS News, recent litigation to curb littering along the shore has has residents and tourists confused into believing that they mayn’t imbibe while tubing, when — in reality — it is only disposable containers that have been outlawed. For those who don’t know what tubing is, I need you to move to the South immediately. Barring that, I just need you to listen: tubing is the practice of plopping in an inner-tube with your friends or family, and floating down a calm river while drinking beer or bourbon (You can drink whatever you want, but in the South, we have preferences). It is fantastic. It’s… Read More »

Rogue’s Brilliant Beard Beer

By , July 3, 2012 in Administrative

I’ve never been very fascinated by terroir, a term normally attributed to wine in reference to the effect an environment has on a finished agricultural product. More officially (or according to Wikipedia), terroir is “the special characteristics that the geography, geology and climate of a certain place bestow upon particular produce such as wine, coffee or tea”. All this still sounded fairly boring until I learned of the biggest terroir-related news story to rock the craft beer world in a while: For Rogue brewmaster John Maier, you see, terroir is the special characteristics that his beard bestows upon his beer. Two weeks ago, the brewery announced via press release that, as a joke, Rogue sent off “nine beard follicles” from Maier to their yeast analysis lab (You don’t have one of those?). The joke was on them as they discovered that somehow, for better or for worse, his face-blanket contained a… Read More »

The Bloody Mary: an Argument and a User’s Guide

By , June 24, 2012 in Administrative

Bloody Marys are apparently underrated. I don’t know how or when this happened, but a recent straw poll of my close friends led me to discover that not everybody knows how awesome they are. To those non-believers, I ask this: are we such children? Does our loathe for veggies dictate our diets like when we were eight? We are growing older and more decrepit; our bodies crave nutrients now more than ever before. We eat right, we exercise, we keep our minds healthy with feverish mastery of sudoku. That’s all grand, but for a true holistic approach to staying well into our later years, we must pick our poisons more wisely. Mimosas, screwdrivers, greyhounds? Wonderful. But how many produce items does each fit? To truly understand the greatness of this marriage between tomato and vodka, we must look at it- and this is where we leave the health spiel behind-… Read More »

Don Julian Travels! SAN DIEGO

By , June 21, 2012 in Administrative

Every now and then, I pretend to start a new “column” by adding a random prefix to my article title, and “Don Julian Travels!” is no different. However, if I have enough beer-focused travels to sustain it, you won’t see me complaining. (Puking? Maybe. But never complaining.) San Diego. Most people outside of San Diego know it as one thing: a whale’s vagina. As a Maryland native who is indifferent to both crabcakes and football, I know how tiring it can be to have your place of birth’s global perception formed by a Frat Pack movie, so I’d like to do America’s Finest City a favor and dispel this poor translation. San Diego is no one’s vagina, but rather a city. And a beer city at that. I recently had the displeasure of running a marathon in this brewhub. While the race was grueling, the drinks afterwards HAD ME DROOLING!… Read More »