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Free beer – It’s really possible

By , February 3, 2012 in Beer

You’ve probably seen those ads, usually written copy, where some shithead marketer entitles the piece “Free beer!” Then he launches his pitch with “Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about anything but free beer. This isn’t that. This is really about free beer. It’s available, people! It’s really out there and I know how to get it. Over the next few days I’ll be sharing with you the strategies that I’ve found over the years to get free beer. Some are easy and some take real commitment but in the end you will have free beer. First, though, let’s talk about what free beer means. It means beer that you don’t pay cash for. Most of these strategies will require that you spend time but not money. Got it? Good. Probably the easiest way to score free beer is to take a brewery tour. I have toured dozens… Read More »

Gluten-free beer…or not

By , January 17, 2012 in Beer

You know what celiac disease is, right? People who suffer from it are basically allergic to gluten, a protein that’s found in lots of grains, including barley. That’s why in the last few years there’s been a growing line of gluten-free beers available. Brewers of all stripes from Anheuser-Busch to Dogfish Head to small regional brewers are making gluten-free beer. The challenge has been finding a good replacement for barley. Malted barley is one of the most basic ingredients of beer so taking it out of the recipe can be challenging. Sorghum is a poplar alternative but the resulting beer just doesn’t quite taste like beer. Even so, it’s better than nothing. Beer lovers with celiac disease have been glad to see the growing number of gluten free beers on the market. They don’t have quite the same selection as regular barley beer in terms of style and quality. However,… Read More »

Booze – Invention’s creepy uncle

By , January 17, 2012 in Beer, drinking game

You’ve heard the saying “necessity is the mother of invention,” right? I’ve long believed that, if that’s true, then booze must be invention’s father or, at least, it’s weird uncle. How many times have you been out drinking with your buddies when some sort of group think mode sets in and you collectively create the perfect solution to one or another problem? Sure, the next morning it’s probably going to seem perfectly silly but at the time it seems like the most elegant invention of all time. The website seems to be proving me right. If you’re unfamiliar with KickStarter the concept is pretty simple. It’s a site where entrepreneurs can go to seek funding for their business or project ideas. In return for their support, funders are offered tiered prizes based on the amount of the contribution. It’s fun to wander about in the site and see some… Read More »

Boxing Day – an excuse to keep drinking

By , December 26, 2011 in booze, holiday, Wine

So, Christmas is over. The glut of presents and Christmas dinner is now nothing more than a sad pile of wadded up wrapping paper and cleaned off turkey bones. In most parts of the world, that’s it. The day is over; the deed is done. But, in some countries, the UK and Australia most notably, celebrants have one more day to partake in holiday cheer. Although the origins are unclear, everyone who takes part in Boxing Day seem pretty sure about their desire to keep the party going. The day is almost purely secular and always has been so, so there’s no tiresome reminders to keep Christ in Boxing Day. Also, the day seems to be, above all else, about relaxing. If your idea of relaxation is to kick back on the couch to watch a game, there are plenty to choose from. Or if taking it easy for you… Read More »

When not to finish your beer

By , December 26, 2011 in Beer

There aren’t too many circumstances under which I would recommend not finishing your beer. Once a beer has been opened or poured, there’s not much else you can or should do but finish it. You can’t reseal it until later and if you think that perhaps you’ve had enough already, well, I can’t really understand that kind of thinking. But, in this one isolated case, it might not have been in John Robin Whittle’s best interest to take the time to finish his beer. See, Whittle stopped in at a bar last Thursday and ordered a beer. The bartender produced the beer but Whittle left before touching it. Instead of taking the time to enjoy his drink, he popped down to a local bank down the block and robbed it. After doing the deed, he returned to the bar and finished his beer. Now, first, I have to say that… Read More »

International Stout Day

By , November 3, 2011 in Beer, stout

Happy International Stout Day! What, you probably thought that March 17 was International Stout Day. Whether it once was or it wasn’t, as of this year November 3 is now the official day to celebrate our favorite black beer. We have beer blogger Erin Peters to thank for it. Erin, a.k.a. The Beer Goddess, planted the stout flag on November 3 with her website There you can read about the history of stout and check out events in your area dedicated to celebrating stout. So, how does one celebrate stout? For my part, I plan to drink stout. I happen to have a batch of homebrew stout cooking right now but it’s still a few days away from being ready to bottle so that’s going to have to wait. (I’m hoping to serve it on Thanksgiving.) I’ll probably pop over to my favorite local beer store and pick up… Read More »

Should samples be free?

By , September 30, 2011 in Beer, Wine

New Belgium in Fort Collins, Colorado announced this week that they are going to start charging for samples. They are also adding 12 and 16 oz. servings for customer’s who want a proper beer. Previously, they gave visitors to the brewery tokens, enough to sample roughly half of their beers then they cut them off. It was a little frustrating. Anyway, should breweries give away samples to legal drinkers or can they add a bit to their profit by charging for samples? (New Belgium isn’t profiting from this, by the way. They’re giving the proceeds from the samples to local charities.) I kinda see both sides here. The brewery is there to brew and sell beer, right? Would you do what you do for a living for, say, 15% longer every day without getting paid just because your boss asked for it? Probably not. I know I wouldn’t. Also, I’m… Read More »

AM drinking

By , September 30, 2011 in Beer, scotch

In one of The Doors’s songs, it sounds like Jim Morrison sings, “Woke up this morning and I got myself a beer.” I’ve heard that’s wrong; what he really says is “got myself a beard” but I’ve been mishearing it for so long that the first way is what I hear. And, from time to time, it’s what I do. Now, this is something that I’m supposed to say with a bit of shame. Drinking in the morning is wrong. In fact, having a beer or three with lunch is poo-pooed in some circles. But, I submit that there are some pretty good reasons for drinking in the morning. Here’s my list: Holidays Holidays are stressful. We have to put up with family: all those noisy-ass kids, that uncle with his insane politics, the cousin who just joined the Mormon church and “just wants to tell you about a friend… Read More »

Prohibition – The documentary

By , September 29, 2011 in Alcohol Law, Beer, prohibition

Do you love to drink alcoholic beverages? Do you live in the US? Statistics, Internet traffic reports and common sense tell us that the answer to both questions is yes for most of you. We’re a boozy, flag-waving bunch, aren’t we? Can I get a “hell, yeah!”? Do you love long, multi-part documentaries about events that happened generations ago? Do you love to wallow in history and examine the motives and motivations of people long since dead? Okay, maybe not but, still, you probably want to pay attention to this one. Prohibition will be aired on PBS stations across the US beginning next week on Monday. This is one of those documentaries from Ken Burns so, if you’ve seen his work on the Civil War, jazz or baseball, you know it’s going to be interesting as well as quality. Personally, I’m quite excited about this documentary. I’ve read many histories… Read More »

Kiss this beer hello

By , September 29, 2011 in Beer, Wine

What overly make-uped, spectacle-reliant, near cartoonishly caricature of a band from the ’70′s now has it’s own beer and wine? If you guessed Spinal Tap, I’ll refer you to two facts: I said it was a “NEAR cartoonishly caricature” and I said ’70′s. Perhaps you have your imagination turned up to eleven, mate! If you guessed KISS, I say, right on, brother. After all, there really isn’t any other band that quite fits that description and is still around today for us to talk about, is there? So, to the booze… The wine is a California-grown Zinfandel called KISS Zin Fire. It’s described as “bold and fruity… a brazen blend of blackberry and pepper.” The beer is a traditional Pils-style called KISS Destroyer. It is described as having a “great head of foam, nice flavor, and a balanced bitterness.” Collectively, they are called “The Hottest Drinks in the World.” Okay…. Read More »