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Tampa’s in the news this week!

Hm? Not sure what an “RNC” is and I don’t believe in hurricanes, but SweetWater Brewing Co., Atlanta’s favorite beer factory, has announced a trek south as it expands to Tampa and Orlando this fall.

BeerPulse reports that SweetWater’s flagship pale ale, 420, will be rolling out on Tampa taps in October and Orlando’s in November. IPA and Blue will later follow suit, and each will be available in 6-pack.

This is all thanks to the brewery’s “new 250-barrel brew house and the addition of a slew of fermentation tanks.”

And since we’re focusing locally, it’s worth noting to all Atlanta readers that Sweetwater’s new rye IPA, “LowRYEder”, will be kicking off next Saturday, September 8th with a launch party and car show. If I were in the ATL, I’d be there (not that I’m a huge car fan; I just miss The George Lopez Show). [via BeerPulse]

Speaking of natural disasters I’m embarrassingly unaware of, the aftermath of the High Park Fire, a wildfire that destroyed at least 248 homes and clocked in as the second largest fire in Colorado’s history, is affecting more than just the lives and homes of innocent people. It’s ruining their beer!

I mean no insensitivity, as the destruction caused by this fire is unimaginable and home destruction vastly eclipses any peripheral damage to a business. However, as this is a drink-focused blog, I would be remiss for omitting the debacle Fort Collins-based New Belgium Brewery faces with fire-contaminated water.

According to The Daily Meal, the water New Belgium uses to make its beer comes from the Poudre River, a body of water that runs through affected areas. This water can pick up as many as six chemicals that alter the taste of New Belgium’s brews, forcing them to close down for 24 hours at a time in case of contamination. [Via The Daily Meal, The Coloradoan]

~Don Julian

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