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In a re-election year, everything POTUS comes under speculation at some point, and 2012 is no different. This is a booze blog and not an anything else blog, so I tend to shy from topics that may distract or overpower our beloved subject matter, but I can no longer ignore them: beer coverage in the 2012 election has reached a critical mass. It’s time for action.



Let’s catch up:

-Back in February, POTUS Beer came on the scene when President Obama served his homebrewed White House Honey Ale to partygoers alongside offerings from Green Bay and Pennsylvania’s own Yuengling. [via Draft Mag, Gawker, Obama Foodorama]

-The topic of Presidential Brews laid low for a while, coming back into the spotlight when he visited Ziggy’s Bar in Amherst, Ohio, and made safe, but ultimately not his own decisions on what to drink. His Miller Lite was a copy of Governor Ted Strickland’s order, and the Bud Light he later sipped was purchased for him by a patron. Pretty boring, but this same article gave us former Deputy Press Secretary Tony Fratto’s “Rules for Political Beer Ordering”: stay local, keep the names simple, and never order fruity. [via CNBC]

-Half Moon Brewing Company of Half Moon Bay, CA made polling fun with the release of their Alection Ale. From their website: “Instead of costing $10 million and being full of hot air, the Alection Ales are cold and delicious every time.” On November 6th, their brewpub will be holding a mock election based on quantity of Obama Ales versus Romney Ales purchase. [via Half Moon Brewing Company]

-One week ago, Time’s White House Correspondent, Michael Scherer, took an in-depth look at Obama’s beer focus as the president hit the brews hard in Iowa (hard for a candidate: one or two at a time), especially in relation to Romney’s religious temperance. The article is interesting from a strategy speculation point-of-view, but also reminds us about the President’s homebrew, which he travels with on the campaign trail, and, in at least one case, gave to a supporter. [via Time Swampland]

-From NPR’s food blog, The Salt, a bit more on that homebrewing: notably, though Mr. Obama approves of and enjoys his homebrew, it is not truly his own; the white house kitchen stuff handles the brewing’s heavy lifting. [via The Salt]

Now, I know. “Where’s this action you promised? Why all the backstory?” To that I say…


The petition to make Obama’s homebrew public AND the Freedom of Information Act request filed for the release of his recipe (If you’re a red tape junkey- they exist!- the original reddit post is worth a perusal). [via HuffPo, Reddit]

The latter is now at the hands of bureaucrats, but you can still sign the petition! Only about 22,000 more signatures needed over the next month! Democrat or Republican; Hophead or Mormon; ask the president to Free this Information

Let your voice be heard!

Let this beer be made.

~Don Julian

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