JD: Nice Guy

You don’t need it. You probably don’t even want it. But I’m here today with a new reason to drink Jack Daniel’s!

Apparently, they’re nice guys?

In a July 23rd Businessweek article by Claire Saddath, it was revealed that, when it comes to trademark violations, Jack Daniel’s is actually pretty easy-going.

This is especially surprising as they get ripped off all the time. Anyone who’s been on a college campus in the past ten years will remember seeing a multitude of greek organization–or even academic club–t-shirts riffing on the iconic black and white logo.

In the article, David Gooder, managing director of the chief trademark counsel for Jack Daniel’s, has a refreshing take on handling violations:

“We get so many infringement situations a year, and we look at each of them separately. We don’t have a standard approach to them; we just do what we think is the most fair. As a trademark lawyer, one thing I’ve always been concerned about is how a brand will present itself in one voice to consumers and then come out swinging a sledgehammer when someone does something it doesn’t like.”

So they aren’t always so friendly, but douchebaggery is a last resort. In the article’s main example, an independent book publisher clearly jacks Jack’s label for a publication’s cover (picture to left), and Gooder’s team politely asks only that any reprints be given a new, non-conflicting cover.

So cheers to understanding. When you get home today, crack open some JD and have a drink in the name of cooperation. Enjoy it.

Just don’t enjoy their logo on anything but the bottle.

~Don Julian



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