Eco-Friendly Empties

It may surprise you to find out that I am a passive environmentalist.

I’m not out chaining myself to corrupt corporations or holding one of those annoying clipboards on a street corner, but I do very much love recycling. It’s one of those things that leaves a feel-good buzz of productivity while requiring little no energy on my part.

Me:   “Where should I put this bottle?”
You: “In that brown paper bag.”
Me:   “Done.”

Much of the time, I limit my save-the-earth activities to those that can be done with a flick of the wrist, but every now and then something sustainable comes along and, while it requires work on my part, the final product is pretty frickin’ cool, so I give in.

Which brings me to “beer bottle beer glasses”.

Last week, while hopping around the internet, educating myself on the state of beer, I found a video with a very unique, fruitful suggestion on what to do with one’s empties. Recycling them is so noble, but as you should ask with all noble endeavors, what does it leave YOU? A warm, fuzzy feeling? No, that’s probably the beer you just drank.

If you want to keep your bottle from entering a landfill and get something to show for it, give this MAKE Magazine video a watch.

I don’t think it’s worth doing to every bottle you finish, but anything (bombers especially) with a painted or etched design as opposed to a stick-on label will make a pretty nifty addition to your cabinet o’ drinking**.

If DIY isn’t your thing, I apologize; I know this blog so rarely has crossover with Pinteresting activities, but it’s the summer time! It wouldn’t kill you to take on an art or a craft, god forbid both.

~Don Julian

**If you don’t have a cabinet o’ drinking, this should be your next summer project.


“How-To: Bottle Cutting”. MAKE Magazine.


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