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And another American Craft Beer Week comes to an end. Whether intentional or not, I hope you did a bit of celebrating and tried a new or enjoyed an old faithful local beer. I personally gave a chance to Karl Strauss Brewing Company’s Amber Lager (San Diego, CA) in my never-ending journey to find a lager that I enjoy as much as my favorite ales. It was enjoyed, but the journey continues.

Other than that, due to pesky outside forces such as my real job, I laid low on the beverage enjoyment part of ACBW. I’m not too bummed, however, as beer appreciation snuck into my life through a refreshing, unexpected channel: internet videos.

Clearly I use the internet. But did you know I that I sometime use it to watch videos? Yes, of course, I’m sure you did. This week, however, a handful of those videos tended towards the beer-centric, and I’d like to share them with you:


This one comes from Alaska by way of DraftMag’s beer editor, Chris Staten (@DRAFTbeereditor). At six minutes, it’s the longest I’m sharing here, but well worth the watch for lovers of beer, majestic scenery, and living green. It tells the story the founders of Alaskan Brewing, the growing of the brewery, and their commitment staying local and conscious of their environment.


Chainsaw + Beer = Not as intense as you might imagine.

To make up for the last one being six minutes, this clocks in at thirty-nine seconds, so if you’re trying to get a cheap thrill and get back to work, it’s right here. You don’t even need sounds, though I think it helps. Dude opens a beer with a chainsaw . Not much more to be said.

200 Proof Inspiration

And finally, a few words on drinking from today’s pop culture source for drinking inspiration: Mad Men. If you’re not getting Man Chills, you aren’t doing it right. (That goes for you too, ladies! It ain’t the sixties anymore!)

~Don Julian


“A TV-Ready Brewery” Draft Magazine.

Chainsaw Beer Bottle Video found on Reddit (YouTube user: Reborious Reddit user: redbeardedone)

Mad Men video sent to me by a friend who I don’t think reads this blog. We’re going to test that now.

BONUS REFERENCES READ: If you like beer (given) and photojournalism (you should- go culture yourself), you may get a kick out of beertographer:

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