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Beer and running have always had somewhat of an unspoken, cosmic connection. From ridiculous Hash House Harriers to ridiculous beer milers, people who willingly mix beer and running are consistently ridiculous.

Which is why I proudly count myself among them. My coordinated beer and running resume includes a beer mile, a normal marathon, and even a “so stupid, even I’m surprised I did it” 24-24-24 (24 beers drank and 24 miles run in a 24-hour period).

But I’m not telling you all this because I think it’s impressive (On the contrary, I know it’s disappointing to family members and, at this point, boring to friends.) I just wanted to help you understand why I am so very excited for the Boston Beer Company’s newest project:

26.2 Brew.

The brewery responsible for Sam Adams and almost nothing else is repping it’s Beantown roots by being the first alcoholic beverage to sponsor the legendary Boston Marathon,’s BizSmart reports.

Boston Beer Co. Brewer and “dude from the commercials”, Jim Koch, ceremoniously poured the inaugural hops on February 23rd, alongside veteran Boston Marathon champion, Bill Rodgers.

If you’re a running and beer nerd like myself and want to get your lips on a pint, you may be out of luck unless you plan on visiting Boston. It appears that the brew will only be rolled out as a limited release at Boston Athletic Association (the producer of the Boston Marathon) events and at bars along the race course.

For those of you who will be in Boston, don’t get too excited. They won’t be serving it to marathon participants.

~Don Julian

PS It is worth noting that Green Bay brewery, Titletown, also has a 26.2 Brew, designed for Green Bay Marathon finishers. Though I was unable to find official Titletown information on it, it’s unscored Ratebeer page can be found here.


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