Countdown Mardi Gras: What Now?

Mardi Gras was today. I hope my tips have been helpful, and I apologize for this one’s latecoming, but even fake Dons gotta work sometimes. If you’re still out, more power to you. If you aren’t, well- everyone has their limits. In that vein…

Mardi Gras is over. I’m pooped. WHAT DO I DRINK NOW?! (A stretch of a “do”, I know. Deal with it.)

When opting for a hair-of-the-dog, nutrition is rarely at the forefront of your mind. Still, we all know that post-Mardi Gras feeling: bloated, dirty, and sore in all the wrong places. So if you’re going to have one more, why not take some vitamins with it too?

If you wanted to find the most nutritious alcoholic drink out there, you’d have to spend five, maybe ten minutes on Google. Luckily, you have me to scour the healthy eating blogs (let’s be honest. I have them bookmarked) and aggregate the findings here.

Deborah’s Eating Healthy Tips. Deborah likes two things: Painfully unoriginal blog titles. And booze. And according to Deborah, Bloody Marys beat mimosas by a longshot.While both have Vitamin C, Potassium, and Vitamin A, the Bloody Mary’s tomato juice contains less sugar than orange juice does, and it has lycopene which protects against heart disease and cancer (canceling out the liver cancer you just developed in New Orleans).

Huffington Post’s That’s Fit. Deborah thought there was a 25 calorie difference between the mimosa and the BM, but That’s Fit seems to believe there are only ten: the mimosa comes in at 130; the BM, 120. Sangria, however, takes the cake, clocking in at 80 calories and containing really, really healthy things like fruit and red wine.

Shape. According to Shape, Bloody Marys beat mimosas by a longshot. While both have Vitamin C, Potassium, and Vitamin A, the- hold up, Deborah stole all her facts from this Shape article! Deborah, ya gotta steal from a few places and pretend to be curating a list. Then add your own two cents occasionally and you’re article is bulletproof!

My own two cents. If you’re going to keep drinking after Mardi Gras, you deserve a medal, and the right to drink whatever you want. That being said, my vote is Bloody Mary because of how customizable it is. You want healthy? Stick with tomato juice and celery. You want the best Bloody Mary of your life? Clearly, it needs some bacon.

Whatever you choose, don’t drink it at a parade, or in the middle of a noisy street, or in a hotel room you’re sharing with twelve of your closest acquaintances. Drink it on a patio or on a couch or- if you’re careful!- in your own bed.

Relax. Because St. Patrick’s is in 23 days.


~Don Julian



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