Countdown Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is on Tuesday, Februany 21st (That was no typo. I’m gunning for a sponsorship- Subway, can you hear meee?). For the next week, the Boozin’ Blog will be counting down the days until the holiday of holidays, festival of drunks (and culture, if you’re looking for that sort of thing) with a few do’s and dont’s we’ve learned over the years. Let’s start with a…

DO: Shotgun an Abita.

Craft beer in a can is bordering on common nowadays, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate when a local brew crosses over to the aluminum side for the first time.

The most recently initiated, Louisiana’s own Abita, is brewed just 30 miles from New Orleans (Coincidentally, a place my pants have ended up in Mardi Gras past). Previously distributed only in bottles and kegs, Abita debuted cans of their Amber Ale, Jockamo IPA, and Purple Haze last Friday, Februany 3rd.

Don Julian, of course… was there! (Okay, not technically there, but I’ve got designated livers all over the world, so my NOLA correspondent, Anna S., was gracious enough to check it out)

Don Julian: Has anyone shotgunned?! How drunk are you?
Anna S.: I just woke up from my nap.
DJ: …

AS: OK, I febreezed my jeans and I’m ready to get this pub crawl started!
DJ: Phew! What’s the crowd like? More importantly, what’s the beer like?
AS: Crowd is too big for me to tell you how the beer is yet. Shocking number of middle-aged/old people. Requisite mid to upper 20 year old dudes in button downs and loafers very excited that they have office jobs.
DJ: Okay, so the South is as alcoholic and douchey as I left it. Nothing too impressi-
AS: Two people on crutches.
DJ: Impressed! Can you get them to shotgun?
AS: No. Sitting in the back of a pickup now. So cool.
DJ: What on earth? At the crawl?
AS: Yeah, some dudes invited us to sit in their truck.
DJ: So you just…
AS: I like sitting!
AS: Yeah, yeah. I tried some Jockamo [Abita's IPA] and it tasted like grass/booty.
DJ: Intoxicating. So does Abita mean anything special to you?
AS: I don’t really know how to answer that.
DJ: OK, then… what’s the best way to get chicks at a pub crawl?
AS: Give them a place to sit.

And there you have it. DO try the Jockamo as long as you’re into booty grass, DO make sure you have an innovative sitting mechanism if you plan to do any courting, and DO shotgun a can of Abita because my silly correspondent wouldn’t.

~Don Julian

AS: P.S. This is how pub crawls end in New Orleans.


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