“Ah, President’s Day. A day off, sales galore, and the glow of confusion on everyone’s faces as they try to figure out just what we’re celebrating.

Nothing between us and that staycation but a work week and- OOOOHHH SH*T,  VALENTINE’S DAY!” 

If you’ve had this thought or anything remotely like it, then you probably have a significant other who gives a damn about  tomorrow, and you just might have nothing planned.

I’m going to be very clear: This blog is not the best place to find romantic advice.  There are sources out there more thorough, more equipped, and actually relevant to last-minute gift ideas. I wholeheartedly suggest you seek out one of the following: A friend in a healthy relationship, a hip parent or sibling, or any website that does not have “Boozin” in the title. Like Google. Just go to Google and type in “Why does my girlfriend hate me?”. You will find better advice.

If you’re still here, you are a nincompoop  and clearly undeserving of any help as you are unwilling to help yourself. Even so, I have one idea that I think might be nifty enough to just work:

Infusions! Everybody loves receiving alcohol and a DIY gift always comes off as thoughtful (Except for the bong you made in your ceramics class six years ago. Unless you gave it to her for Arbor Day. That’s clever).

So take your “other’s” favorite liquor, take some other flavors they like, and slap ‘em together in a mason jar! Apparently, it doesn’t always take days- as I previously thought- to make these creations reach optimum flavor, but sometimes just one day or a few hours.

But before you get at it, check out these five articles for tips and inspiration. Not all flavor combinations are going to compliment each other  perfectly, and you’ve… really only got one shot at this.


1. In The Huffington Post’s The Daily Meal, bartender Mark Comer shares his top ten tips for infusing liquor. This is a great place to start, as it has general advice, hazards, and tips on creating your own flavor combinations if you’d rather not copy a recipe.

2. Bourbon. Also a great place to start. Bacon. Even better. If you have an “other” who would enjoy HOMEMADE BACON-INFUSED BOURBON, hold on to them. Hold on tight. If not, save this one for a rainy day and try out the Manhattan recipe that comes with it (Mixologist Don Lee via New York Magazine).

3. Maybe they’re a vegetarian. Maybe you should break up with them. Or, if you really want to let them redeem their culinary close-mindedness, see what they think of this coffee-infused bourbon. (Colleen Graham via About.com).

4. If you’re lucky, you will have a very sexy Valentine’s day. If not, you may need to set the tone for eh-spicy your eh-self. This chile-infused tequila could be a great way to nudge things a little sexier (Nothin’ sexier than a good nudgin’; Brian McGrory, adapted by Chow.com).

5. Do you wanna be a baller or do you wanna be a baller? Put some ROSES in that sh*t! Unfortunately, though rose-infused vodka and gin are doable, they take longer than the 24 hours you have to work with. These recipes for Rose Simple Syrup and a Prosecco-Rose Cocktail will have to do (NOTE: Make sure the rose petals you use are pesticide free! Showing up to V-Day with a gift that is both last minute and toxic is ill-advised).


What are you doing? MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!

(And if you mess up tomorrow, hey- 3 DAY WEEKEND COMIN’!)


Happy Valentine’s Day and Almost President’s Day to All,

~Don Julian









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