Booze – Invention’s creepy uncle

You’ve heard the saying “necessity is the mother of invention,” right? I’ve long believed that, if that’s true, then booze must be invention’s father or, at least, it’s weird uncle. How many times have you been out drinking with your buddies when some sort of group think mode sets in and you collectively create the perfect solution to one or another problem? Sure, the next morning it’s probably going to seem perfectly silly but at the time it seems like the most elegant invention of all time.

The website seems to be proving me right. If you’re unfamiliar with KickStarter the concept is pretty simple. It’s a site where entrepreneurs can go to seek funding for their business or project ideas. In return for their support, funders are offered tiered prizes based on the amount of the contribution. It’s fun to wander about in the site and see some of the strange and wonderful business ideas out there.

So, what’s this got to do with booze, you ask. It’s striking how many of the ideas revolve around alcohol and how many more seem inspired by it. For example, this proposal for a student film called Boozetown is clearly about and inspired by booze. In the introduction video, the kid explaining the movie idea gets increasingly hammered as he knocks back shot after shot. And, naturally, the plot revolves around booze. One of the prizes for contributing to the project is a hug. I have a feeling that the guy would slur, “I love you, man” in your ear.

Then there’s Freakers USA, one of my favorites. The proposal is for a product that’s basically a knitted koozie. The advantage of a knitted koozie is, apparently, that it’s stretchable and therefore one size fits all. Also, the makers promise that Freakers put an end to bottle sweat so no more damp hands. My favorite part of this proposal, aside from the freaky little hippie dude who’s running the show, are the funder prizes. They range from the predictable offers of one or more of the product being proposed to the not quite so predictable grilled cheese party that is apparently served out of a boxtruck.

The booziest product I’ve come across on KickStarter is Battleshots. Think about that name for a moment and you’ll know exactly what it is. That’s right, a drinking game based on the board game Battleship. All I can say about this idea is that if you decide to play the game I hope you know a good cure for hangovers!

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