Ooooohmygod Ludacris and beer and chicken and Hartsfield-Jackson

Apologies! No time to come up with a clever headline, I am going stream of conscious on you people because you need this NOW. No, you needed to know five minutes ago, but I’ve failed you.

Do you like beer? Yeah? Chicken? Yes? Ludacris? Of course! Flying? …

…No? You have a debilitating, chronic fear of heights?! SUCKS FOR YOU! Because Atlanta’s favorite son is opening a restaurant in Atlanta’s favorite airport. Sorry, Dekalb Peachtree! Your biplanes are cute, but I ain’t talkin’ about you.

Concourse D (as in Delta) of Hartfield-Jackson is going to be home to a restaurant named after one of Luda’s durtiest, Southiest, Ludiest albums to date. Ludacris announced via Twitter on January 3rd at 10 p.m. EST that he will be “…taking my restauranteur footprint into the busiest airport in the WORLD! Hartsfield-Jackson ATL international! Chicken & Beer coming soon!”

There are unfortunately few details beyond that, but we can be sure of two things: (1) It will marry the excellent duo of fried chicken and craft beer and (2) I will be scheduling all of my flights anywhere to layover in Atlanta. LA to DC? Layover in Atlanta. LA to San Fran? Layover in Atlanta. LA to Atlanta? Just let me post up in the airport like Tom Hanks and don’t tell any of my friends I’m there, please.

While I can’t tell you any more about the restaurant, I will update as often as possible and, for now, leave you with a fun fact about the restaurant’s namesake:

As all of you should know, my favorite Ludacris line ever is from the Chicken ‘n Beer single, Stand Up: 

“Look out for my medallions, my diamonds are reckless/ Feelin’ like a midget is hangin’ from my necklace”.

In the video, Luda actually has a midget hanging from his necklace.

(midget at 0:45; Also there’s a creepy bit where Luda puts his face on his interpretation of the 90′s dancing baby after 2:00. Actually, just watch the whole video. There’s some wheelchair dancing and while he’s a baby, he pees on a chick. The entire thing is worth your time.)

~Don Julian


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  1. Foote January 10, 2012 at 8:08 am - Reply

    People always ask, soo what is going to be the first meal you eat when you get back. My respective go to was always Chipotle. Amazing chickenblackbeanmild&mediumpleasesourcream&cheese burritos just got ousted.

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