When not to finish your beer

There aren’t too many circumstances under which I would recommend not finishing your beer. Once a beer has been opened or poured, there’s not much else you can or should do but finish it. You can’t reseal it until later and if you think that perhaps you’ve had enough already, well, I can’t really understand that kind of thinking. But, in this one isolated case, it might not have been in John Robin Whittle’s best interest to take the time to finish his beer.

See, Whittle stopped in at a bar last Thursday and ordered a beer. The bartender produced the beer but Whittle left before touching it. Instead of taking the time to enjoy his drink, he popped down to a local bank down the block and robbed it. After doing the deed, he returned to the bar and finished his beer. Now, first, I have to say that I have to admire Whittle’s dedication to his beer. However, it seems to me that stopping for that beer at that particular moment might not have been the best plan. Indeed, the cops caught up with Whittle at the bar about ten minutes after he returned.

It’s impossible to know for sure what Whittle’s motivations were but, it’s fun to speculate. Perhaps he ordered the beer then realized that he’d forgotten his wallet and had no way to pay for his drink. That’s understandable on some level, I suppose. Or maybe he’s one of those people who really stick to their to do lists with laser like focus. The first item on his list was to grab a beer, the second was to rob the bank and the third was to pick up his dry cleaning. So, he sets out to have his beer. Then, just after ordering it he realizes that he’s behind schedule and the security guard’s break just began, which is when he planned the robbery. So, he stepped away from the beer and robbed the bank on schedule. However, since he’s devoted to his to do list, he had to return to the scene of the beer and polish it off. His dry cleaning will have to wait five to ten.

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