Excellent Question!

I’m going to be honest. This isn’t perfect. It’s not the catch-all, fool-proof answer to all of your bar-hopping problems that I wish it was. But it’s kinda f**kin’ funny and I am an extremely insecure blogger, and to think that you might get your drinking news elsewhere makes me want to storm into your room, pour my beer on your keyboard, and go on a rant about floozies and urls (and hopefully make a dome/domain quip if I’m witty enough).

So all that considered, let me tell you where the f**k you should go for drinks. “WHERE THE F**K SHOULD I GO FOR DRINKS” is a new website that asks you to simply provide information on “where the f**k you are” and, in turn, it pops out a random bar in your vicinity along with a map guiding you to the locale.

Do you hate the place they’ve suggested? Or maybe the place hates you and you can’t go back until you grow your beard out? No worries! Simply hit the “NO, THAT PLACE LOOKS SH*T” button and they’ll pull up another place at random.

As for the imperfections, I have tried it on a number of locations that I know are close to bars, but WTFSIGFD comes up blank (or rather, “CAN’T FIND SH*T THERE. TRY SOMEWHERE ELSE” as they like to put it). Also, certain businesses that sound like watering holes, but most definitely are not, sneak in from time to time. Best example: “Nail Bar” which sounds like it could be a badass pub, but is actually just a place you go to get manicures.

WFSIGFD was created by British creative consultancy, Coolography, so hopefully results will improve as their efforts hop the pond. But if not, it’s not the end of the world, because your cuticles seriously look like sh*t.

~Don Julian





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